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StraightPath1182d ago

only GTA games can generate this amount of hype just by releasing a game cover art. damn looks beautiful and continuing the iconic cover art style trend.

deep_fried_bum_cake1182d ago

It's strange that they get so much hype considering that most people can have a reasonable guess at what the box will look like just going by the previous box arts. Anyway, it's got me excited nonetheless.

I find it pretty funny that this is at 100 degrees after an hour when the rumour of a release date for the box art story yesterday went up in degrees incredibly fast.

shadowwizard1182d ago

Only Rockstar have such a power to release a freakin' cover for the game and make a huge buzz.

Kane221182d ago

i don't see all the hype over a damn cover. it looks just like any other gta cover art to me.

Prcko1182d ago

we saw it,give us damm trailer !!!!

Good_Guy_Jamal1182d ago

I'm gonna go with meh on this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.