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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Review | Just, Why? | Dealspwn

Dealspwn writes:

'I've roped in my flatmate to help me review Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. He knows nothing of the franchise, not of the frat-tastic fistbumping of the first two games, nor of EA's desire to distance this third game from the perceived missteps of its predecessors. He is the perfect guinea pig for this co-operative experiment.

And he has a point.' (Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, PS3, Xbox 360) 3/10

ExitToExisT  +   665d ago
It's not this bad.
InMyOpinion  +   665d ago
Been playing it in co-op with a friend and we had a blast with it.
ExitToExisT  +   665d ago
Yeah i'm also playing it right now and its not this bad. I personally gave it a 6
MestreRothN4G  +   665d ago
Agreed and bubble up.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   665d ago
EA= Garbage smh
MestreRothN4G  +   665d ago
You're so creative! I've never seen such a brilliant insight!
Ever thought about making a great game?
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Rivitur  +   665d ago
Clearly EA didn't on this one.
abzdine  +   665d ago
the second one was garbage for me, i am not taking risks with this one!

i prefer to play Sly or the free Demon's Souls for PS+ members !

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