GTA V: 10 Insane Rumours We Hope Are True

WC writes:

Here, we thought we’d round up 10 insane rumours about GTA5 that we really hope are true.

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Turkeyman071719d ago

I just want the game already, it looks so awesome!

DoomeDx1719d ago

Fuck off WhatCulture.
All your articles are top 10's.

JackVagina1719d ago

This must be the 1000th GTA V list article

AJ Hartley1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Well weve got a sub marine hell who knows possibly a snow plough. I cant wait for gta 5 , The last if us , watch dogs , bf4 and ps4 !!! But gta is my killer franchise and will probably be gaining all of my attention if they pull it off which they will cause theyre rockstar!

BattleTorn1719d ago

How dare you make A LIST into 10 PAGES!!!

I hate sites that do this!