5 Ingredients for PlayStation 4 Success

Sony is all set to launch PlayStation 4 this holiday season and as Sony has a bad history with console launches we are here to help with five ingredients for Playstation 4 success.

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iGAM3R-VIII1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

I agree with most of these statements. We already know that backwards compatibility is not in the PS4 and I believe Kevin Butler doesn't work for Sony PlayStation anymore (I think). I think a global release would he perfect for the PS4 and the launch titles and price. If the price is in the 'sweet' zone and it has good launch titles it would lead to success

Byeka1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

yes he don't that's why we want Kevin back.

DragonKnight1719d ago

Yes he don't?

That is literally the first time I've ever seen anyone say that and I know Newfies.

On topic, Backwards Compatibility is not necessary for the PS4 to be successful. It's only real use would be in the beginning and only if there isn't a strong launch lineup.

grassyknoll1720d ago

I think you forgot an very important one, PlayStation Plus. If my subscription carries over to PlayStation 4, it would definitely entice me to become a early adopter (although I'm weak & will most likely buy it anyway)

iGAM3R-VIII1720d ago

highly agreed PS Plus is definetly the huge difference maker.

Clover9041719d ago

I'm sure it will in some capacity, but how? Unless Gaikai is ready day one the ps4 won't play any past games. I can't imagine Sony giving away a new ps4 game for subscribers.

grassyknoll1719d ago

I've got a feeling cloud gaming may cost extra (which I'm fine with, as it's not for me). If Sony released smaller, digital titles for free for the beginning of the PS4 life, it could definitely get people on board.

platformmaster9181719d ago

Agreed. If playstation plus can keep the same price and cover all the gaikai stuff while maintaining its current incentives, and Sony starts to advertise a little more to let people know about that value, it could become a HUGE selling point for playstation. As usual Sony has made a delicious feast but not invited anyone to eat it.

BitbyDeath1719d ago

They'd have to keep it at the same price wouldn't they?

Otherwise if they announce it going much higher you could just stack 10+ years worth at the old price and be covered for the rest of the gen.

GABRIEL10301719d ago

Sure, Plus is the best digital product released ever this month demon souls free¡¡¡¡&# 161;. PS4 looks great¡. A powerful machine, easy to develop, more cheap than PS3, with great allies like Bungie and Gaikai, a nice lineup, with a large HDD, a revamp dualshock controller, an integrated CPU/GPU, 8GB RAM GDDR5, indie support, no blocking second hand games, no require permanent internet conection, VITA support you did it well Sony.....Saving for Christmas.

BitbyDeath1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Will be interesting how they implement PS+ into PS4.
If i remember correctly Vita did not get Plus until 6 months after launch.

That said i wouldn't mind if they let you download PS3 games instead for the first 6 or so months.

Free PS3 games would certainly help cover some of the BC issues.

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TopDudeMan1720d ago

The only thing that matters is number 3. If they don't have must-have launch titles, then no one will feel like they must have the console. I was kinda considering just getting it for infamous.

Clover9041719d ago

5. don't see this being too much of a problem

4. This is something that bums me out, but I'm not oblivious as to why the ps4 cannot be backwards compatible. This is probably the first generation of console that I truly care about being able to go back and play my old games. With AAA games it's not much of an issue, because the next gen always offers a bigger, better iteration of the game (Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4). However, this generation introduced me to interactive art (Journey, Unfinished Swan, Flower). These games gave us emotional experiences that cannot be duplicated with better graphics, thus shouldn't have sequels just to test out ps4 new specs. It's unfortunate that, barring a port or Gaikai working better than I could imagine, we won't be able to revisit these smaller games. Really looking forward to Sony's Gaikai solution for this.

3. Quality over quantity. We have no idea how many games will be available at launch. What we do know is that the launch window is ALREADY stacked with what could be great games. Infamous Second Son, Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Battlefield 4... these franchises always deliver a great experience, and I'm sure these upcoming games will at least be somewhat worthy to their predecessors.

2. Sony has been on a roll lately. Everything about the ps4 sounds like they've been truly listening to the fans and learning from past mistakes. Having said that, one of the biggest mistake Sony made for the ps3 was the launch price. Sony is absolutely aware of this. They've been avoiding past failures, and I don't see this one being any different.

1. I love Kevin Butler as much as anyone else, but unfortunately it's time to move on. Ps4 is a new era for Sony Playstation, and to duplicate the past in anyway (even a killer spokeperson) is a mistake. Can they top the great Kevin Butler? Not likely, but they need to try something fresh.

clintagious6501719d ago

Amazing Games=Check
Amazing 1st Party Devs=Check
Amazing Easy To Dev For Hardware=Check
Amazing Online Experience=Check
Amazing 3rd Party Support=Check

Thats all u need to know & is worth the investment. Day 1 purchase.

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