DICE 'very interested' in eSports for Battlefield 4

DICE is "very interested" in integrating eSports functionality into Battlefield 4, general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has revealed.

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unchartedxplorer1812d ago

Yeah I hope battlefield becomes an e-sports game.
Just make sure that sun stays nerfed

pompombrum1812d ago

Battlefield doesn't belong as an esport game. At it's heart, Battlefield is a large scale battle and the required number of players just isn't viable for esports.


I feel EA's cold, dead presence was in the room when this interview was conducted.

Vladplaya1812d ago

I bet they think they can squeeze just little bit more sales out of the game if they advertise it as an esport title. Somehow I believe EA wouldn't even care how it actually plays as an actual esport game.

Rob Hornecker1812d ago

I like this Esports concept for the next battlefield game. I feel that battlefield is what a team work type of game is all about. With there being talk of up to 64 players on the next gen consoles squads of 8 plus players seems realistic.

CoD is more of a run and gun type of game even on the MLG tournaments much like Halo has been. Battlefield is more of a thinking gamers modern combat FPS game!

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