The Walking Dead PAL Retail Release Detailed

Telltale Games has today announced that the award-winning videogame series The Walking Dead will soon be available for purchase from European, Australian and New Zealand retailers on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The Walking Dead videogame was originally an English-only digital download when the series debuted in April 2012, and with this new retail release includes subtitled versions in French, Italian, German and Spanish for the first time.

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andrewsqual1845d ago

Who is publishing this does anybody know?

mathsman1845d ago

In the UK it's Avanquest. Not sure about on the continent.

rustyspoon801845d ago

Currently playing through the downloaded version. Great game and only cos £8 on the UK store thanks to PS+.

ironfist921845d ago

Is this game stable on Disc? I heard its bugged, not sure whether to buy it on PS3 or 360 on disc.

BanBrother1845d ago

Just bought it on XBL. First episode was free and the other 4 were 200ms points each. Awesome game, completed it yesterday. It has been on sale twice on both PSN and XBL. Disc version sucks and is way too expensive.

ironfist921845d ago

So the usual price of each Walking Dead episodes are 200ms point each?

And the first episode is always free?

Just asking coz I want to buy it for a friend for the Xbox, but not sure to buy it on Disc, or just give them the points to download it themselves.

danny8181845d ago

Bought it on the ps3 . It is bugged man. The cd is crap. Somehow the game is so great i still enjoyed it. When i say bugged it lags and te frame rate drops reall bad