GameSpot reviews Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a perfect example of how a great concept doesn't always make for a great game. In this case, the concept is Turning Point's intriguing premise: Without the voice of Winston Churchill to rally Allied forces, Hitler's Nazi regime spreads like wildfire across Europe and Africa, eventually staging an all-out assault on the United States. It doesn't take long to realize that Turning Point makes almost no use of this potential. The result is a shooter that fluctuates between mediocre and disastrously buggy.

The Good
* A handful of powerful set pieces
* Terrific orchestral score
* Clever environmental-based melee attacks add laughs.

The Bad
* Mediocre combat often made worse by a number of bugs
* Frame rate can't handle most major events
* Plot is extremely bare-bones
* Bland graphics mixed with ugly animations.

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