5 Things the PC Gaming Alliance Should Focus On

It has been nearly a month since the formation of the PCGA, and not a word about their plans. RIAA announced it was going to sue it's customers in that amount of time. While Horny Melon doesn't have the budget to afford their member ship fees we can help with a few ideas

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VirusE3726d ago

NO.1 reducing the price of GFX cards. I remember buying a top of the line prophet geforce ddr. It was the top card of its day and it cost excatly 315 usd (i only had 307 and had to beg for change so i will never forget that price). The top cards now can fetch upwards of 600usd which is just nuts.

Palodios3726d ago

I'm surprised they don't mention how a certain MMORPG *ahem* has killed the sales of other games, and how Microsoft redirected a lot of their pc support to the xbox. On the other hand, Steam and Gametap seem like things that could revive the industry, but are often overlooked