Worldwide Hardware Chart for Week Ending March 7th, 2008

VGChartz reports, the worldwide hardware chart for week ending March 7th, 2008 is as follows:

Total Hardware: (Last Week #)

DSL: 281,021 (378,597)
Wii: 194,686 (375,618)
PSP: 183,437 (198,222)
PS3: 168,626 (179,010)
360: 127,885 (152,923)
PS2: 106,672 (132,002)

Breakdown by region:


PLEASE NOTE, Software Numbers only reflect Europe region at the moment, DOES NOT include Japan or USA, software numbers are subject to change.

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Harry1903506d ago

let's get it on.we've seen lot of this stuff lately.
like every 5 minutes.

Breakfast3506d ago

How bout we post 1 VG Chart a month instead of having 10 a week...

mikeslemonade3506d ago

Maybe you two are are just sick of seeing certain console of yours constantly losing. The truth hurts doesn't it?

marinelife93505d ago

Simple solution Breakfast. Don't look until the end of the month.

This is a gaming news site what else did you expect?

LightningPS33506d ago

the 360 is the better gaming machine. It's got better exclusives, better multi platform games, just way better game library. Better online service, better controller. It's more affordable

The PS3 is just a blu ray player. Get real games and then, I will say PS3 rocks. I'm all about the games and the 360 has better games.

Cyrus3653506d ago

How so...

No doubt 360 has awesome shooters FPS/1st, and some really nice RPG's... But for example what's 360 best action adventure, platform style game?

Is it as good as say Ratchet and Clank for PS3 or hell Mario Galaxy for Wii?

360 is an excellent system for those PC style games like FPS games, and like, but it's the other style of games that it doesn't excell in, atleast not yet...

HarryEtTubMan3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

LMAO RETARD the XBOX 360 IS A PIECE OF GARABGE and only has a couple of good games because its been out twice as long. Xbox 360 is in last place and will stay there. PS3 is barely beginning. Get over it. Xbox 360 has already lost and has no games like PS3 coming out in 2008 and 2009. PS3 has already won. You will see. Its getting worse and worse and worse. Sony is very very rich. PS3 is still 400-500$ LMAO THAT REALY EXPENSIVE. PS3 will be competing with the Wii when its 250$... and beating it. Not sitting in last place like the Red Light Special Box. Xbox 360 sucks. The sales show this. PS3 will show u more games this year even though it has alot now.

360 isn't even winning anymore in the U.S.

PLAYSTATION IS KING.... AND IT DOESN'T CHANGE JUST BECAUSE THE Junkbox got a year head start and the PS3 is still brand new.

Lets guess the undercover XBOT with the FF13 avatar.....aka Power of Green/In your mom/ Douche wad desperate XBOTS that just make sh!t up because they chose to jump the gun and buy a system that is about to be blown out(and RROD) with all the games PS3 has coming this year and next. PSN is going to be SOOO much better in about 2 months. Everything.

Xbox 360 fans even try to pretend their controller is better....because they say so LMAO. Delusional fools. Its just a "Blu Ray Player" ALTHOUGH it has about 300 games releasing this year.... will sale over 4 million copies of GTA 4 and MGS 4... already has 3.5 million on PSN in the U.S. and is barely a year old with at least 7-8 million on PSN worldwide(3 more million in Europe and almost 1 million in Japan), with Playstation Home dropping soon, With Killzone 2, Resistance 2 and all the 100 Exclusives coming that ALL THESE PEOPLE are paying 400-500$ for in anticipation instead of getting the POOPbox.

Come back to reality XBOT. 360 never was better and is a defective piece of garbage.... literally. You've been brainwashed. I'm the one with the PS3, BLU rAY, MGS4 and everything else coming. 2 Rockstar Exclusvies. 36o doesn't even have anything to REALLY look forward to.

Denges3506d ago

"I'm all about the games and the 360 has better games. "

let me fix this for you

I'm all about the games and the 360 "had" better games

This year is about PS3 BABY

The Killer3506d ago

its the biggest market right now!!
Japan is becoming the smallest market out of the big 3 markets!!
i think developers should focus more on europe then any other region!!
it will be a stupid idea to release games first in japan then 6 months later in europe!!! square enix realized this now(better late then never).

with ps3 costing 300euro by this fall ps3 will be like wii was last year!!
also sony needs to work out more on japanese market, they really neglecting them, not so much japanese type of games, if they want to beat the wii in japan they need to do something they didnt do yet because what ever they did it didnt work out very well with hardware sales!!

Europe way to go!!!

ruibing3506d ago

I hope you are being sarcastic.

Btw, it's nice to see Japan hit 2 million for the PS3.

Homicide3506d ago

He is being sarcastic. Look at his name and avatar. No xbot will have that.

gEnKiE3506d ago

LMAO...sounds like a evil villian whining about how his evil plan to take over the world isn't working because the super heros are beating the sh!t out of him.... Tell ya what, M$ better start buying more exlusives because they need to do something soon or their going to get stomped, as they should....

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beoulve3506d ago

WOW PS3 is not so far behind the Wii...

Cyrus3653506d ago

well PS3 did according to VGChartz out sell in 2 terrorities...

beoulve3506d ago

hmmm Wii actually trying to be the hare by limited their production capacity? Let's just slow down and wait for PS3.

PimpHandStrong3506d ago

i wonder how off VGcharts will be when NPD numbers come out

Sevir043506d ago

i mean it's just ball park figures but i wonder how far off VG harts are for this month.. february's numbers hit tomorrow after noon so it will be interesting to see the numbers for VGchartz stacked with NPD for the US. either way Sony is beating the belly drum badly. MS lets kick this into High gear cause you are looking very lost right Now LOL!!!

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