Nintendo's marketing misfires are all that is holding the Wii U back

Digitally Downloaded writes: "To be frank, Nintendo's marketing tagline that “you need to play it to get it” is not a very effective strategy to promote the Wii U – in fact, it’s not a very convincing ideology at all. I need you to tell me why I should play it, Nintendo. I need you to show me how I’ll appreciate it, Nintendo. Marketing is not about assuming people with try something without encouragement. We all know Nintendo can come up with creative ideas – now it needs to show us why this idea is creative. Then, and only then, will we be convinced that the Wii U is worth our time."

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dedicatedtogamers1876d ago

No. No. No, no, no! Why does "marketing" always get blamed when something goes wrong, but Nintendo praises their own genius whenever something goes right. Marketing played a massive role in the Wii and DS's success, but of course Nintendo doesn't give marketing to soccer-moms any credit.

The core design of the WiiU is what is holding it back. Nintendo keeps saying "we need to better communicate what the WiiU is capable of". Wrong. People are aware of what it's capable of. They just don't want to buy it.

Maybe if Nintendo would wake up and evaluate their audience instead of playing Console Frankenstein and blaming the marketers when it doesn't sell, maybe then Nintendo would start to improve as a gaming company.

Neonridr1876d ago

That's not entirely true. It goes to show how poor the marketing was when so many people originally thought the Wii U was an addon for the original Wii.

I think Nintendo did a very poor job conveying the differences, they focused on the controller so much that people didn't realize it was a new console until the commercials rolled out a week before the system launched.

Where were the commercials months leading up to the release? You can't show something 1 week before and expect to generate buzz. You need to build it up with game announcements, demonstrations, commercials, ads, etc. Nintendo lacked so much information this time around that outside of the hardcore gamers, nobody even knew what the Wii U was.

The system has sold almost 3 million units in 5 months, while that's not exceptional, it's nothing to shrug at.

The systems will sell when more games release for it. If you don't think that the console will take off when the next Mario, Zelda or Smash Brothers release, then you clearly don't understand Nintendo at all.

Sure, the system could have been stronger in terms of specifications, but it's Nintendo's job to ensure that the customers know what the product is from day one. Nintendo did a poor job of that in my estimation, and that can partially contribute to some lower than expected sales.

dedicatedtogamers1875d ago

The confusion is Nintendo's fault. They slapped "Wii" in the title because they thought all the casual Wii owners would jump at the new console, but it turns out they were smarter than Nintendo thought (since the WiiU is not at all aimed at the audience that made the Wii a success). They blame the "confusion", but people know the difference between an iPhone 2 and iPhone 3, or an iPhone and an iPad. I think we have to stop blaming the name confusion (which was Nintendo's fault anyway because they were trying to pull a fast one on the casual audience).

darthv721875d ago

a quick and easy solution is to remove the original wii from the market. That way people buying the wii-u not only get the new system but are capable of playing all the existing wii games that are still available.

But we know that wont happen. Nintendo could be the 1st in console history to offer a trade in program. Trade in your wii for $100 off the purchase price of a wii-u and people can keep all their existing games/accessories.

Nintendo doing a recycle program would be unheard of in gaming. It is generally the stores like gamestop that offer something like that.

I know i personally tell people to get the wii-u when they are looking at buying one or the other. i did the same when the PS2 came out. it made more sense to buy the newer because it also played the former games. That kind of common sense is surprisingly not so common.

Slapshot821875d ago

Several of you make great point and are all, in my opinion correct in many ways.

If you remember correctly, when the Wii U was unveiled, it was called "Wii U" for a reason. It mean that it was "Wii You," or a system that combines some experience that were great about the Wii, but on a more core (and personal) level that's similar to what's found on the DS line of Nintendo's products.

A year later though, it was once again shown to the world, as a re-unveiling of sorts, as another "Wii" - a family-based gaming console that's "fun for all."

The latter was where Nintendo failed horribly on a marketing front. It already confused consumers somewhat with its original revealing of the system. It looked good enough, but it was all still a bit... confusing. Then it turns a 180 on everyone, by showing the same system, with many of the same games, but tells us a much different story.

Yes, the Wii U will sell. But here's the thing, if only the "Nintendo" games sell, it will be the difference in the console selling around 30 million consoles and 70+ million consoles. While the lower is still something to be praised for any company, in today's world, that isn't going to please Nintendo's investors who want (or better yet, expect) it to outperform the Wii.

millzy1021876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

actually no, some people don't want it some people do but a lot of people don't know its out, a lot of people have seen mine and I had to explains its a new console, this is nintendos job not mine and that's where advertisement has failed. but there's no point putting a big marketing campaign untill a few more decent games come out. people play games and that's what Wii u needs.

deafdani1875d ago

Uh, no. What's holding the Wii U back is the lack of games compelling enough to convince the customers to take the plunge. All the marketing in the world won't do shit if a game console doesn't have the games to back it up.

Once Nintendo releases a few of their hot games, they will be fine.

Slapshot821875d ago

Does it not have a brand new Mario title on the console already?

deafdani1874d ago

Yup, and it's actually a superb game. In my opinion, it's up there with Super Mario World and Mario Bros 3. But still, it's one game, coming just a few months after the public saw the release of a New Super Mario game for 3DS, and it's not enough.

It needs more. And it will get more, over time. In the long run I suspect the Wii U will do just fine, but as of now, there's not much incentive to motivate consumers to get this new console.

V0LT1875d ago

The fact that they named it Wii U was stupid. Should have been Wii 2 from the get go. I have friends that seriously thought it was an upgrade for the Wii and that's sad.

BitbyDeath1875d ago

Tablet controller is likely a deal breaker for most.

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