Ouya game launch list

The Ouya has launched and this is the full list of launch titles with Final Fantasy 3 leading the way

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Th4Freak1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

[Sarcasm] Dude are you out of your mind? Look at all these amazing games, Pinball Arcade and Canabalt holy sh*t Ouya CEO was right this console is going to revolutionize the video games industry. Ouya is going to sell like hot cakes. Best console ever!!!!![/Sarcasm]

Blacktric1996d ago

Add the fact that you have to enter your credit card info to be able to download and play demos from the store and you got yourself the best console since Apple Pippin...

Kennytaur1996d ago

If you need to explain sarcasm, then you might as well not use it.

Those who mock the OUYA clearly don't see the potential and aren't part of the target audience.

Viper71996d ago

For my understanding you can install whatever you want to Android, just like PC. You're not limited to appstore, PSN or XBLA.

Bathyj1996d ago

So this is actually a thing now? Pretty amazing they went through with it. Good luck to them, I admire their guts.

clintagious6501996d ago

Not bad. Lets see how it pans out for them.

tristanwerbe1996d ago

Have to get me one of these

Deadpool6161996d ago

I'm keeping my eye on Ouya. I'm curious to see if this console will be accepted or rejected.

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The story is too old to be commented.