Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 3 isn’t just functional, it’s far better than its PC brother

“Not a lot of people know this, but Blizzard started off as a console developer,” Joshua Mosqueira, the lead designer of Diablo 3 on the PlayStation 3, told the Report. We were joined by Julia Humphreys, the senior producer of Blizzard's Diablo 3 team, and, Mathew Berger, senior level designer. We talked about the console version of the game while playing it on a television in front of the group.

“We wanted to make sure the game really felt like it was hand-built for the console,” Mosqueira continued. The changes they made to the game not drove home the point that this was a good console port, but the updates were almost all improvements over the PC version of the game in general.

I’m looking forward to leaving the PC version behind and moving to the PS3 version as soon as I can.

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dedicatedtogamers1878d ago

The fact that this game can be played offline and with local multiplayer is a big plus. It really is a top-notch game. Too bad Blizzard held the game back with always-online nonsense, because it ended up hurting the game.

sithsylar1878d ago

Exactly im tempted to get it but the only way i will is second hand and really cheap. I don't want to support them when i already purchased it on the pc and got the beta version....

Perjoss1878d ago

Again I'd like to say I really want to see a license system in place sometime soon. If I buy a game it should entitle me to play that game on any platform I choose, why should I pay more than once for a game just because on some days I feel like playing it on PC and on other days I might want to play it on my console of choice...

silenius1878d ago

How many sales would Diablo III do in consoles?!
I know that for PC was something more than 12 million copies.
But doesn't that mean that whoever wanted this game he/she already bought it?
And even with all this changes for the console port, why would you want to play this game with a controller and not a keyboard/mouse?

Guwapo771878d ago

I don't care if its online or off...

They won't sucker me twice!!!!

Narutone661878d ago

Diablo 2 is still better than Diablo 3. Makes me think that the PC version is the beta version, while the console version is what the PC version should have been. I miss the old Blizzard before Activision bought them out.

SlapHappyJesus1878d ago

I normally argue against the "It's always the publisher's fault!" of looking at things, but there is not a doubt in my mind that Activision is ruining everything Blizzard touches.

showtimefolks1878d ago

actually its a merger more than activision buying them

i hope with ps4 and next xbox more PC developers bring their games out on consoles

grassyknoll1878d ago

It maybe better than the PC, but it's a pretty bland short game. Get Torchlight 2 instead.

sithsylar1878d ago

200 hours of torchlight 2 for me agrees with you!

overrated441878d ago

OR Path of Exile, if you want that dark Diablo 2 popping potions feel. Oh, and Path of Exile has FF10's leveling system (basically the sphere grid) AND as system VERY similar to FF7's materia system. It's a really good game.

NeoTribe1878d ago

Path of exile was a decent game. Decent enough for me to donate 20 bucks to the company. That skill grid is way to cluttered and overly complicated for what it does. Its also practically a d2 clone. Im sticking with d3 because i know blizzard is working there ass off to make it even more badass than it is now. People seem to forget how bad d2 sucked when it came out. Took them years to make the game what it is today. The original skill system was broken from launch. Same went with d3, but they have patched alot of content into the game and have a very bright idea hear on forward. My only real gripe with d3 is the rmah. It promotes to much pay to win and imo really hurts the game.

b_one1878d ago

we have dungeon hunter alliance, cheaper and funny :) made by Gameloft ;> and whe have this for about year or so...

sithsylar1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Did anyone else notice blizzard coming out saying they regret adding the Auction House. Now part of me wants to believe them the other part of me is saying they are only saying that because of the consoles lack of it..

EDIT: @ Overrated44 they will get my respect if they do remove the auction house and make it possible to play online imho.

overrated441878d ago

I think it's less the fact the consoles are lacking it and more of the fact that it was a GIANT mistake. You either had people who couldn't get the gear they wanted without spending money...or you had the farmers and bots raking in cash. It really broke the game and the fact that they're admitting it is at least a step in the right direction.

kevnb1878d ago

They are only saying anything they have been saying because they want you to buy the game. the pr guys are trying to sell the game, they are just sales guys.

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