Call of Duty 4 DLC Map Pack Hands-On and Screens from GameSpot

GameSpot got a chance to chat with Infinity Ward community relations manager Robert Bowling -- better known to COD4 diehards by his online handle, "fourzerotwo" -- about the pending downloadable maps. The first thing he told GameSpot was the first thing they wanted to hear about this pack: The Middle Eastern and Russian environments will no longer comprise the entirety of the retail game's lineup. Now that the team has moved on from the single-player campaign (and has time to work up some new art assets), we can expect to see new Call of Duty 4 maps set in entirely new locations separate from the original game.

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Hagaf223659d ago

finally some more info on them, would like a better time line than "in months to come"

Breakfast3659d ago

The TV station is gonna be nuts

Hopefully they come within the next two months

gamerpsp3603659d ago

Man, I was going to submit that...oh well you beat me to it but at least we got some more info!!

IzKyD13313659d ago

god, if IW wants to keep the online numbers up, they would have to either release the map pack in early april or atleast after the GTA 4 release

Hagaf223659d ago

not to mention rb6v2 which comes out tuesday... i doubt rb6v2 will be as good as cod4 but it will be something new, which cod isnt offering right now.

SUP3R3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

COD4's online community is the largest of all the games available right now.
Vegas 2 is definitely not going to be as good as COD4 so it really won't be a threat to the community, but I really think they need to release it before GTAIV or else it will go unnoticed for months.
Depending on how good GTAIV's multiplayer is it is capable of pulling away a lot of gamers from COD4.

fenderputty3659d ago

Awesome info. I can't freaking wait. This game has me retardedly hooked. These map packs will keep me going for a while to come as well.


perseus3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Oh how I wish that consoles had more user generated content! I don't want to pay for stuff like extra maps which come for free on the PC.

EDIT: Apparently someone LIKES paying for new maps.

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The story is too old to be commented.