The Dorklyst: 15 of the Most Sadly Unfinished Videogame Franchises

Among the many plagues visited upon gamers over the years, the unresolved cliffhanger ending is one of the worst. Sure, in a game it's the journey that's most important, but would Mario be as popular today if he didn't finally get his cake-baking princess? With the time and hours invested in a game one might think developers would be kind enough to reward us with just a little smidgeon of closure, but too often we're stuck waiting for sequels that may never arrive. The list below includes just a few of the great unfinished game sagas that, unlike this paragraph, never had a fitting end. Actually, even this paragraph never had a

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pr0t0typeknuckles1850d ago

I definitely agree with psychonauts and PoP 08,psychonauts was very interesting and has a rich universe,and PoP08 sares the same thing and a sequel is clearly needed for it to reach its full potential.

dedicatedtogamers1849d ago

Suikoden and Breath of Fire should be on that list. Those games were/are RPG gold.

Catoplepas1849d ago

Up until Dragon Quarter, when Capcom hammered a metaphorical nail into that coffin.

snipab8t1849d ago

Condemned and Half Life have sequels

iRocket1849d ago

Yes, they do, but the sequels stop to Episode Two, and haven't been continued for six years.

rezzah1849d ago

I really wanted to see more of Prince of Persia (2008).

MWH1849d ago

strong list but it lacks at least one more title; Legacy of Kain.