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An amazing experience in an amazing world that you need to discover with an amazing ending. You must buy this game.

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glennco1812d ago

Bullshit score, not reading your review.

Pozzle1812d ago

The main score is the average of the sub-scores. So yeah 9.9 is a pretty shit number, but they didn't do it just to be annoying.

WeAreLegion1812d ago

Are reviewers afraid of the 10/10 or something?!? A 9.9? Seriously? Get outta here...


Finished the game. All you do is kill wave after wave of enemies. Can't see how it's scoring so highly.

perdie1812d ago

did you pay attention to the story or maybe the beautifully designed city?

I agree the waves of enemies was tedious but it was still a great game. Best this year so far.

maddfoxx1812d ago

The story was great, but as far as gameplay goes, it was a downgrade from the previous bioshock games. Only two guns at a time, no dual wielding vigors, only three types a enemies, etc.

Mainsqueeze1812d ago

When could you dual wield plasmids?

1803d ago