Neocrisis: Defiance Review

Neocrisis: What do you get when you add 7 alien species, collectively known as Votans, onto an already overpopulated earth? Just to make things more interesting, throw in any accidentally released alien terraforming technology, known as Arks, which have haphazardly and radically changed both the earth's biospheres and geology? The answer is simple; you get a video game and a TV-show crossover series, known as Defiance.

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xPhearR3dx1849d ago

The servers are up. On PC at least, playing now. Not sure about consoles. Which, I guess it doesn't really matter unless you got the game early.

Xristo1849d ago

Just bought it on Steam at the 11th hour (pre-order bonues). Looking forward to playing this tomorrow! :)

Flipgeneral1849d ago

My brain hurts from reading that article... Seriously

MysticStrummer1849d ago

You should probably get that checked out.

greatcrusader441848d ago

Wait Defiance as in that show coming on Scy Fy? I remember seeing a preview and at the end it mentioned a game, but never heard about it and never thought it would be good, what kind of game is this?

Chevalier1848d ago

First person shooter. The Syfy show and game are connected, the characters show up early on and make 'appearances' throughout the game and vice versa apparently.

SolidDuck1848d ago

It's a third person shooter mmo. And it's pretty good so far.

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