iPhone: How does it stack up against the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS?

The Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS are the only platforms of note for gaming on the go. They're great devices with a huge number of excellent titles for each. The PSP is notable for its high resolution screen and powerful chipset while the DS is praised for its innovative touch-screen interface. How can a phone compete with these platforms when it comes to quality games? Games on phones suck, right? Let's take a look at a few basic specs of these devices

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Harry1903657d ago

don't get too coky.
hey try to write this
word the right way,even
with spell check it won't
allow you.

mighty_douche3657d ago

CPU run's twice the speed of the PSP (3x before god of war)? I'm surprised, I've decided over the last few hours reading the news I'm gonna have to pick one of these up!

ravenguard883656d ago

How much power in comparison, clock for clock?

Do the DS or PSP not use graphics processing units?

PopEmUp3657d ago

how hard is it to play game on those touch screen its not like DS where there are control pad as well as the touch screen which it work with the plastic pen, so I can't it hard to play game on this iPhone/ipod touch

joydestroy3657d ago

wow, had no idea the CPU in the iPhone was faster than the one in the PSP. Sony, step it up.

might have to go get me an iPod touch. i hate at&t's wireless service.

beoulve3657d ago

Dude it's comparing apple and oranges.

if you really wanna do pay $399 i'm sure Sony or Nintendo can put better chip in it. Keep in mind, DSL and PSP is $149 - $169. How do fight against such price point.??

theox2g73657d ago

your logic is flawed but the general argument in itself isn't, the truth is factually, apples to apples(no pun intended) the iphone can't compete with psp and ds directly in the gaming marketshare, it can however use the power of the already strong mobile market and merge itself as a handheld gaming device which would be highly successful,
your $399 argument is flawed, if it's so expensive, why has it sold 4 million units + despite it being locked to only 3 networks, 1 in the USA which is crappy and 2 in UK and Germany? Why is it getting so much media hype and anticipation? Because u can't look at the $399 value as just for it's gaming ability and put it on a plain field with psp and ds, add the price of an ipod and decent touchscreen phone(not a smartphone though it would be equivalent to a smartphone if jailbroken or even better except for non 3g), then u have a more valid comparison,
My evaluation, it's an all flash and no substance product if u have a stock iphone but jailbreaking it gives it a whole lot more value than ever especially unlocking it with another carrier, it's saving me tons of bucks, i don't need a laptop, i pay $5.99 for Tzones Edge on the fly, my total a month is 35 bucks, i use edge and wifi for the chunk of my calls through free voip and browsing on the fly, i use navizon as pseudo gps for my car, not to forget it's my ipod... i could go on and on

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The story is too old to be commented.