Is David Hayter's Metal Gear Solid V Absence A Prank?

Metal Arcade: Jason Bakker writes:

Is this all an elaborate April Fools prank? Or will David Hayter truly not be reprising his role as Snake in Metal Gear Solid V?

Recently, David Hayter announced the unthinkable- after 15+ years of voicing one of gaming's most iconic heroes, he would be replaced as the voice of Snake for Metal Gear Solid V. Ever since the announcement, I've personally felt that this may all be another elaborate ruse by Hideo Kojima - he's very well known for his pranks and red herrings, as proven by the recent The Phantom Pain/ Moby Dick Studios fiasco. I've been pondering for some time as to whether Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (now revealed to be a part of Metal Gear Solid V) would lead into a Metal Gear remake- with both Solid Snake and Big Boss taking center stage.

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swansong1849d ago

" No reason, or explanation was given beyond that. And that was it.” 15 years and 9 games, no explanation would be a true lack of respect and class. I hardly believe that is how
Hideo Kojima would end his MGS relationship with Hayter. It has to be a prank.

MetalArcade1849d ago

I really hope so. If it wasn't I'd hope Kojima and Konami would at least throw a party in his honor or something.

Xaphy1849d ago

just a question. In the first trailer wasnt he voicing snake? when he said ''kept you waiting huh?''. Why would he voice snake in that trailer and then be left out?

kratos1231849d ago

Because it was in Japanese. They didn't say anything in English. Ho re watch the trailer again

M4I0N31849d ago

"Here’s our theory: in the Metal Gear Solid V trailer released last week, you hear a woman say near the end, “V has come to.” How many clones of Big Boss have there been? If you count Big Boss/ Naked Snake as I, that would make Liquid and Solid Snake II and III. Solidus would be IV, leaving V to possibly be another Snake clone we don’t yet know about."

From what they mentioned, it seems very likely that Hideo Kojima is revealing another clone, since at the end of the trailer shown of MGSV 'snake' has something growing out of his head possibly something to do with the Diamond Dogs emblem he has on his jacket and question yourselves, since when did big boss have a prosthetic arm?

Blaze9291849d ago

I don't think playing with someone's job and income classifies as a prank. If he said you're not returning then you're not returning. Kojima doesn't need to give a reason - it's his creative work :-/

That's like when they replaced Terrance Howard in Iron Man 2 with Don Cheadle. It happens.

Maybe it's just me but I don't really see the questioning behind this.

crazysammy1849d ago

Hayter is in on it. Look what they JUST DID with Geoff Keighly and Moby Dick studios. It was 2 years in the making. This is nothing new to Kojima, and on FB Hayter even dates the post 4/1/13...

Mounce1849d ago

They replaced Terrance Howard because he was apparently being a greedy little bitch and demanding a higher pay for playing his character in Iron Man, so the staff said Go fuck yourself and chose someone who isn't so self-absorbed and thinks they're Worth more than they really are. His loss in the end, as he then didn't get to play as fucking War Machine.

Outside_ofthe_Box1848d ago

Wow I can't believe I never thought of the possibility of this being a hoax. I definitely think this is a prank now.

o-Sunny-o1849d ago

If he comes back and says "Kept you waiting huh?" I'll I'll cry YAY!

PreparedforWar1849d ago

Mark my words, this is just a lame April Fool's joke. I don't know why they're even wasting our time, its not funny.

DoomeDx1849d ago

An april fools prank that started like..7 days ago and still hasnt ended?

David Hayter wasnt in MGS4 aswell.

DragonKnight1849d ago

Yes he was. You can even watch him in the opening scene.

And this has been going on for a month, not 7 days.

GenericNameHere1849d ago

I don't know if you're joking or haven't played MGS4, but David Hayter VOICED Snake in the US version. Richard Doyle voiced Big Boss because it would be awkward and confusing if Big Boss and Snake talked to each other, both having David Hayter's voice.

DoomeDx1849d ago

Oh my mistake then!
And no need to go all ''LOLOLOLOLOLOL'&# 39;. What are you? 12?

brettyd1849d ago

No I don't believe it is a prank, hope it is though.

Unztayble1849d ago

No. I don't think he'll be in MGS V. But he will be in MGS VI.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Kojima once said that Solid Snake would be in Metal Gear Solid 5 and and did anyone hear Kojima say that The Phantom pain is actually Metal Gear Solid 5? I know it says MGS V but did anyone actaully say it was 5? maybe this isnt the actualy fifth installment.

Nevermind Kojima did actually say it was MGS5 and not the letter V. So that means Solid should be in the game after all and David Hayter will play as him im sure of it.

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