New mobile devices will out-perform current-gen consoles, says Nvidia boss

Nvidia’s senior vice president of content
and technology Tony Tamasi believes the
next wave of mobile devices will be more
powerful than current-generation

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himdeel1847d ago

...And 5 minutes of battery life ;)

iGAM3R-VIII1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

AGREED, also mobile device will never be in par with console gaming and for the obvious reason, you have unlimited battery life on consoles and probably 10mins on a mobile. Until I see a 49" phone, with a controller, a good game support, playing games at 60fps+ at 1080p, and social aspects then I would slightly consider it. Even the size og the mobile devices means that you cannot put a large amount of powerful hardware in it.

TheBrownBandito1847d ago

I think somebody needs a big "L" painted on their forehead.

thereapersson1847d ago

The games still have a lot of catching up to do. Even the games that offer "console-like" experiences still offer a pale shadow of an image when compared to full-on games like Mass Effect and God of War.

Dasteru1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Show me a TV with a 49" screen or a console that does TRUE native [email protected]

A larger screen isn't always better anyway. There are many 30" monitors and you can even hook up PCs to any size TV yet most PC gamers still stick with 21-24" Monitors.

Resolution also only makes things look better by increasing pixel density (PPI)

Most current smart phones already have pixel densities 8-10x higher than any TV on the market.

A 40" TV at 1080p has a PPI of 55. At 4k res, 3840x2160 that 40" screen has a PPI of 110. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a PPI of 441.

You would need a 16k (16000x8000) 40" screen to get that amount of detail on a console game, 447PPI.

Not to mention smart phones also already use AMOLED screens with native contrast ratio's of 100,000,000:1

The graphics may not be nearly as good yet but personally i would rather have the equiv of 16k res with 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio's than console graphics at [email protected] Some console games (Farcry 3) are even lower at between 14-22fps average. Even the games that claim to be 1080p like GT5 are actually only 1280x1080.

Don't take my post the wrong way, i love my consoles also. I currently have 44 PS3 games, 21 360 games and 4 Wii games (LOL) plus a couple hundred for almost every older console back to the original NES but that doesn't mean we need to ignore facts.

Smartphones may not have the graphical capabilites of consoles not to mention the horrible controls but they aren't all bad.

Assassins creed on a Tegra 4 mobile APU.

Borderlands 2 running at 60fps again with a Tegra 4.

tontontam01847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

@^ on Assassins Creed and Borderlands 2 running on Tegra 4

The games are streamed into the device.

MaxXAttaxX1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

You silly little man. This isn't just about screen size or even graphics.

And those games aren't running on Tegra 4. They're being STREAMED to that projectSHIELD thing. It's similar to Sony's Remote Play.

sinjonezp1846d ago

Got to disagree with this above. One cannot compare what you just said.. You say consoles have unlimited battery life. Um..that's because they are plugged up. I plugged up my HTC one X plus to my tv via HDmi with the USB splitter and the phone charges while I play real racing three. 1080p output with awesome graphics to boot on my 47inch. With 8 core phones on the horizon, along with the power of vr and tegra 4, it will very plausible to see ps3 graphical quality on phones. Lets not forget the ps4 uses a low power eight core chip running at 1.7-8ghz..So this is very reasonable and I am excited how tech is growing this fast. More gaming in different places without the lack of quality...spoken from a true gamer.

MaxXAttaxX1845d ago

Having your phone plugged into a wall defeats the purpose of it being a mobile device. So now you'll be using your phone as a home console to play sub-par games when you could play on an actual gaming console.

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zeal0us1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

After getting burnt by AMD and Sony, Nvidia just can't let up on the console hate.

Next week we'll probably see a comparison chart of the Nvidia's Tegra 4 processor vs current console's processors.

stuna11847d ago

This is just like someone who picks the wrong horse at the horse races!

Nothing more than a smear campaign.

Donnieboi1847d ago

I wonder if Nvidia is so hurt that they need a cushion and a hemeroid donut just to sit down.

linkenski1847d ago

And mostly horrid controls.

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grassyknoll1847d ago

Don't believe their lies.

dedicatedtogamers1847d ago

It's untrue. The reason is that better gaming graphics aren't a priority for smartphones, nor do the majority of people buy a new smartphones for an incremental increase in graphics.

Qrphe1847d ago

In what sense will they out-perform them? In FLOPS? That's a really vague statement.

Hicken1847d ago

They're probably talking benchmarks or something. Or something consoles aren't meant to do, anyway, like Microsoft Office.

Unfortunately(for Nvidia), when it comes to gaming, these "new mobile devices" will forever lag behind. That's just how technology works.

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