IGN: Insecticide Review

IGN writes: "Have you ever wished your graphic adventure games had a little more action? Or that your platformers required a bit more puzzle solving? Well, Insecticide is here, kind of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of point-and-click and action games. Unfortunately, only one of these elements turned out well. While the investigative segments of the game are a blast from the past, the platforming and combat are clunky and frustrating.

Developer Crackpot has created an engaging world for Insecticide. The game is set in an alternate future where insects have evolved past humans and become humanoids. People are still around, but they have devolved into hominids and are barely surviving in the sewers. Many crime story clichés have been written into the script, but videogames can usually get away with reusing material movies ran into the ground years ago. The game is often funny, and there are lots of geeky references to 60s sci-fi movies and other areas of pop culture."

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