1UP reviews Wild Arms XF: eXtremely Frustrating

1UP's Andrew Fitch writes:

"Wild Arms may be a second-tier role-playing series for some, but for me, it's always been more than the sum of its parts. I've been a franchise fanatic since I first heard the opening strains of its spaghetti Western-inspired fanfare 11 years ago, and I've always loved its mix of classic RPG elements and Wild West motifs. When the formula clicks -- as it has in four of the five games in the main series -- it just works for me. And I've been a strategy-RPG nut even longer than I've been a Wild Arms fan, so if anyone's the target for a Wild Arms-based tactical title, it's me."

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Darkiewonder3725d ago

It's more "XF wasn't the SRPG game I've been playing. When they changed up the formula to a point where I can't figure out It's hard and I should score it low".

Anyways, Wild Arms is a love/hate thing. I should have the game Monday. Will enjoy it when I get it!

Luca Blight3725d ago

got the only copy from my Gamestop. Sleeper hit for sure. My only complaint so far is the story is a bit on the childish side (not that I don't enjoy a light-hearted romp now and then but still...). Still, the conversation scenes/cutscenes are done very well even if the voice acting is the tops. The gameplay seems solid so far.