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The Sun Shines on Dark Souls 2 | RPGamer

RPGamer: "Dark Souls 2 has remained hidden in the shadows ever since it was announced, but some new fragments of information about the highly anticipated game have come to light." (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

SlavisH2  +   847d ago
please go next gen!
Mac is OK  +   847d ago
I believe Edge Magazine was shown the game back in december, and they said it looked next-gen.
jerethdagryphon  +   847d ago
april fools again lol
thorstein  +   847d ago
Yeah. Quite obvious in the first wherein it states that you pick up right where you died.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   847d ago
Being that my favorite game this generation is Demon's Souls followed very closely by Dark Souls, I have high hopes for this game. However, if what I'm reading is true, I'm getting extremely nervous. It seems like they want this game to be completed by any and everybody, which is not good for true fans like myself. It never bodes well when a developer screws the fans that got them to where they are at for fans that may never even give two shits about their game. From Software and more specifically, Namco Bandai, should worry about the fans that supported them since Demon's Souls. This is one game that shouldn't be changed in my opinion. It should be expanded upon and improved, not butchered to cater to people who aren't even fans.
Mac is OK  +   847d ago
It's an April's Fools joke. The part where it says it will take inspiration from Kirby's Epic Yarn should've given it away.
DragonKnight  +   847d ago
I completely agree with you. The Souls series is a testament to fan dedication and word of mouth. Namco Bandai is acting like a typical publisher and you can't blame them for that but at the same time that usually means the death of that special something in games. I miss the days when only hard work, memorization, and persistence could get you to beat a game. Nowadays anyone can coast through and be victorious. The Souls series was that beacon of hope that games would once again provide some semblance of challenge and Namco Bandai had to remove the one person that kept that hope alive in favour of 2 others that would tow the line in favour of a more casual, user-friendly experience.

There is no definitive proof that Dark Souls 2 will be noob friendly, but each new piece of information points the compass more in that direction. When it gets there, the cries of the fans that built this series will be deafening.

**EDIT** Also, these April Fools Jokes have to stop considering there isn't a single place in the world where it's before noon. April Fools ends at noon, not midnight.

**EDIT 2** I know it's an April Fools joke. My comment was in context to what Strawberry was saying. Geez people.
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StrawberryDiesel420  +   847d ago
HA! Didn't realize this was a joke, thank god. Agree with you still, hope Dark Souls 2 is very similar to the original.
Blastoise  +   847d ago
Its an April fools dude lmao. I got a little worried at first. I agree with you though

Well played RPGgamer
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OrionNoctis  +   847d ago
i do hope this is a aprils fool joke, honestly....
aPerson  +   847d ago
Seriously? If you thought the article was serious, the line at the end should have made it very clear it was an April Fools joke...

"Black Phantoms are now automatically equipped with pink balls of yarn as their only weapon."
OrionNoctis  +   847d ago
i havent read it all , lol after the changes i went like fk and rage quit xD
MysticStrummer  +   847d ago
Yeah it has to be a joke, but only the Souls series could take a pink ball of yarn and turn it into something that makes players fear for their virtual lives.
ramza04  +   847d ago
I actually fell for it up to the black phantom carrying pink balls of yarn. I lol'd hard and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time
jon1234  +   847d ago
thank goodness its fake...
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extermin8or  +   846d ago

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