Apple's upcoming game controller to challenge Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft further

Digitally Downloaded writes: "If you'd played some of the better iPad games over AirPlay, such as Gameloft's Modern Combat or Firemonkey's Real Racing 2, you'd realise that these games do offer the full console experience in every way but for the lack of buttons. With this new hardware peripheral we will have an effective fourth home console fighting for our time and money."

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MultiConsoleGamer1997d ago

Millions of people are already playing games on iOS. And Apple is already making serious money on gaming apps alone.

iGAM3R-VIII1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

mobile device will never be in par with console gaming and for the obvious reason, you have unlimited battery life on consoles and probably 10mins on a mobile. Until I see a 49" phone, with a controller, a good game support, playing games at 60fps+ at 1080p, and social aspects then I would slightly consider it. Even the size og the mobile devices means that you cannot put a large amount of powerful hardware in it. Just because a company makes a lot of money of games doesnt mean its good. And Apple doesn't MAKE games, they just let other companies postit on the Apple store

"Millions of people are already playing games on iOS"

Yea but do you see them playing BF3 on a 47' at 60fps on

MattS1996d ago

AirPlay is capable of pretty much exactly what you just outlined. It works well, displays games at 1080p and on your TV screen, however large that is.

GetSnooked1996d ago

"Until I see a 49" phone...then I would slightly consider it."

You sure have an odd taste in phones...

egidem1996d ago

I'll say it again.

I don't care how fast the processor is going to be for them iphones and ipads, the fact remains - they are STILL portable devices, not gaming consoles. Their primary function is not gaming.

fei-hung1996d ago

This is the product that idiots like my brother will go out and purchase as they are blind Apple fanboys. Apple can take a dump on his face and he would celebrate it.

He would buy the controller, shot it to me to say how awesome it is and how it's better than a ps3 and then use it to play Candy Crush or something stupid.

However, I wonder how games like real racing, rage, dead space etc look when they are beamed onto a 40" display. Surely the graphics won't be as they are on screen. They will probably be stretched and upscaled and how that compares to a console game is beyond me.

dedicatedtogamers1997d ago

The tens of millions of people who bought a Wii for Wii Sports did not prevent games like Bioshock, Skyrim, Witcher, Mass Effect, etc, etc from hitting the market. The iPhone didn't prevent the DS and PSP from becoming two of the best-selling handhelds of all time.

Apple releasing a controller isn't suddenly going to make core games vanish, even though the Apple cultists would want you to believe it.

dragonyght1997d ago

Have you been living under a rock. its been predicted and hammered to the ground by so called gaming media and the fine folk at N4g that console going to be killed by ISO/apple and bring the end of sony and nintendo -_-!

talocaca1996d ago

Now the only thing they need is real games!

GetSnooked1996d ago

Uhh sorry? Maybe you should check up on your definitions. Last time I checked, Angry Birds and such were real. I actually cannot tell how this game is fake...

talocaca1996d ago

My bad..AAA games.

Last of us on iPad?

GetSnooked1996d ago

There we go! Now the other five of you need to realise that all the on-phone games ARE REAL. They are only a *DIFFERENT GENRE*.
'Real' refers to the genuine thing whereas 'fake' is the rip-off scam version.

AJ Hartley1996d ago Show
isarai1996d ago

a controller? just because you attach a controller to something doesn't make it a competitor for the game industry, hell there have been tons of controllers released for smart devices and tablets, hasn't changed a damn thing for consoles.

PS4isKing_821996d ago

Games on iPad and other mobile devices will never replace game consoles. No true gamer would say, "wow I'm totally selling my ps3 360 and wii today and going to go buy a tiny mobile device and play a simple $10 game and a crappy add on controller ASAP!!!!"
The experience is far too limiting and unfulfilling. Nothing more than a quick 10, 20 min bus ride or lunch break activity. Simple as that.

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