1942: Joint Strike Preview and New Videos from IGN

IGN writes: "Though Pac-Man and Donkey Kong kicked off the arcade revolution, it was top-down shooters such as Capcom's 1942 that got many hooked on videogames in the '80s. Capcom continues the revisitation of its classic library with the launch of a downloadable remake of 1942. Set to arrive on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network this summer, 1942: Joint Strike takes the essence of the original series, slaps on impressive 3D graphics and adds 2-player online cooperative play to create a fresh take on the 24-year-old game".

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likeaboss3023691d ago

This is bringing back some serious child hood memories. I'll be picking this up for sure.

Skerj3691d ago

Oh it is on like Voltron this summer.

kapedkrusader3690d ago

I f*cking loved this game!