Grand Theft Auto: LCS and VCS PSN Download Sizes Revealed, Manhunt Games to PS2 Classics?

Thanks to April Fools being filled with lots of hoaxes and false information, the amount of legitimate news to report is quite small, leading today to be a very slow news days. So slow in fact that we’re actually going to tell you a release date for a release date of a box art for a video game, along with download sizes of the PS2 games tomorrow, and news of the Manhunt's possibly coming to PS2 Classics.

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alexcosborn1786d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see what it looks like!

Kran1786d ago

The... same as they did on the PS2? It's not a HD upgrade you know :/

TrendyGamers1786d ago

I assume it will have cars, guns, and maybe a helicopter.

Skate-AK1785d ago

You can't forget the hookers!!

dbjj120881786d ago

Looking forward to trying Liberty City Stories

Wedge191786d ago

More GTA news! It's getting closer!

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