ESRB lists 'Fatal Inertia EX' for PS3

If an ESRB listing is to be believed, Koei's futuristic combat racer, Fatal Inertia, could eventually return to its point of origin. Starting life as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, the game was eventually met with a lukewarm reception on the Xbox 360 in 2007. Prospects of a PS3 release were temporarily wipEd out after Koei delayed it "indefinitely" due to Unreal Engine 3 issues.

The mention of "Fatal Inertia EX" for PS3 may signal an end to these issues and hint at the arrival of an updated, possibly more EXTREME version of Koei's non-dynastic hoverfest.

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sonarus3754d ago

yea koei already said they would release this. i wnt buy it, but wouldnt mind a demo to play. played the demo on live can't say it was terribly exciting

riqued3754d ago

I want Wipeout HD, but thanks...

cellypower3754d ago

Little to late koei. Wipeout is king now

Variable3754d ago

too late, I don't want it anymore, me wants Wipeout HD

resistance1003754d ago

As everyone else has said, who really cares about this now? Give me wipeout any day over this

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