Will an EA Partnership Save the 720

BigBoxGaming-" On February 27th CVG reported a story citing two sources that EA and Microsoft had agreed to a partnership for Microsoft’s upcoming console release. How big will this end up being for Microsoft and EA?

Apparently big enough to keep EA from appearing at the Sony unveil. With Activision, Bungie, Capcom, Ubisoft, and Square Enix among others attending the Sony event, EA’s absence is much more than an issue with the, “timing of our own slate,” as EA’s Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen, said."

Jorgensen later listed, “trying to maintain a good balance of power with all the parties out there,” as an additional reason for their absence."

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gabescow2057d ago

I heard a little bit about this after the Sony event. Hopefully it doesn't effect BF4, other than that I don't care too much.

Depending on how big of a deal it is, I would think it will help Microsoft and probably hurt EA in the long run.

iGAM3R-VIII2057d ago

Agreed, also after the way Ea handled SimCity, I highly doubt MS would be doing a deal like that. I also find EA somewhat like MS, the Activision partnership didn't really help MS in a strong sense. It might need more than a partnership to help it

MikeMyers2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

I hope Microsoft hasn't been taking advice from EA on how to deliver a game console otherwise it would require to be always on. They would likely tell Microsoft to sell the controller separately and the manual to set it up through DLC only.

First we had Vita needs saving articles after a few months it was released. Then we had Wii U articles need saving appear even faster after it was released and now we're seeing Xbox 720 needs saving articles before it's even officially announced. Might as well start writing Nintendo's next handheld doom and gloom articles now and get ahead of the competition for generating hits.

Kran2056d ago

"hopefully it doesn't effect BF4"

You must be joking right? Of course it will. It would affect every EA game. You would have thought gamers of learned by now.

Dragon Age goes to hell: "Oh Mass Effect won't be the same."
Mass effect goes to hell: "Oh. Dead Space won't be the same."
Dead Space goes to hell: "Oh. Sim City won't be the same."
SimCity goes to hell: "Oh. BF4 won't be the same"


vet_medic2056d ago

720's always online rumors and EA's DRM kind of make sense when you put them together.

I hope Sony doesnt go that way, we go towards digital future anyway, why be the bad guy when disks will be gone sooner or later, natural transition is the best one, dont force anything.

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caleb47792057d ago (Edited 2057d ago )

With their recent SimCity experience Microsoft is hiring EA on as a DRM issue consultant...

valormeer2056d ago

Caleb with that Real talk

BanBrother2056d ago


Yep and then when EA offer to have Origin on the next Xbox, and Microsoft refuse they will chuck a tantrum and drop support of the new Xbox. Sounds familiar. Would be strange if next 'gen EA was with MS, and Activision was with Sony.

What a twist!!!

Jek_Porkins2056d ago

So the Xbox 720 already needs saving? lol

boing12056d ago

Yeah, will save it from microtransactions...not.

Agent_hitman2056d ago

After MS exclusivity of COD DLCs, they are now partnered with EA to grab BF4's milk and honey lol. What a greedy company..

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