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Submitted by caleb4779 1047d ago | rumor

Will an EA Partnership Save the 720

BigBoxGaming-" On February 27th CVG reported a story citing two sources that EA and Microsoft had agreed to a partnership for Microsoft’s upcoming console release. How big will this end up being for Microsoft and EA?

Apparently big enough to keep EA from appearing at the Sony unveil. With Activision, Bungie, Capcom, Ubisoft, and Square Enix among others attending the Sony event, EA’s absence is much more than an issue with the, “timing of our own slate,” as EA’s Chief Financial Officer, Blake Jorgensen, said."

Jorgensen later listed, “trying to maintain a good balance of power with all the parties out there,” as an additional reason for their absence." (EA, Industry, Microsoft)

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gabescow  +   1047d ago
I heard a little bit about this after the Sony event. Hopefully it doesn't effect BF4, other than that I don't care too much.

Depending on how big of a deal it is, I would think it will help Microsoft and probably hurt EA in the long run.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1047d ago
Agreed, also after the way Ea handled SimCity, I highly doubt MS would be doing a deal like that. I also find EA somewhat like MS, the Activision partnership didn't really help MS in a strong sense. It might need more than a partnership to help it
MikeMyers  +   1047d ago
I hope Microsoft hasn't been taking advice from EA on how to deliver a game console otherwise it would require to be always on. They would likely tell Microsoft to sell the controller separately and the manual to set it up through DLC only.

First we had Vita needs saving articles after a few months it was released. Then we had Wii U articles need saving appear even faster after it was released and now we're seeing Xbox 720 needs saving articles before it's even officially announced. Might as well start writing Nintendo's next handheld doom and gloom articles now and get ahead of the competition for generating hits.
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Kran  +   1047d ago
"hopefully it doesn't effect BF4"

You must be joking right? Of course it will. It would affect every EA game. You would have thought gamers of learned by now.

Dragon Age goes to hell: "Oh Mass Effect won't be the same."
Mass effect goes to hell: "Oh. Dead Space won't be the same."
Dead Space goes to hell: "Oh. Sim City won't be the same."
SimCity goes to hell: "Oh. BF4 won't be the same"

vet_medic  +   1047d ago
720's always online rumors and EA's DRM kind of make sense when you put them together.

I hope Sony doesnt go that way, we go towards digital future anyway, why be the bad guy when disks will be gone sooner or later, natural transition is the best one, dont force anything.
caleb4779  +   1047d ago
With their recent SimCity experience Microsoft is hiring EA on as a DRM issue consultant...
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valormeer  +   1047d ago
Caleb with that Real talk
BanBrother  +   1047d ago

Yep and then when EA offer to have Origin on the next Xbox, and Microsoft refuse they will chuck a tantrum and drop support of the new Xbox. Sounds familiar. Would be strange if next 'gen EA was with MS, and Activision was with Sony.

What a twist!!!
Jek_Porkins  +   1047d ago
So the Xbox 720 already needs saving? lol
boing1  +   1047d ago
Yeah, will save it from microtransactions...not.
Agent_hitman  +   1047d ago
After MS exclusivity of COD DLCs, they are now partnered with EA to grab BF4's milk and honey lol. What a greedy company..
grassyknoll  +   1047d ago
There's no way EA is not gonna make games for the Playstation 4, they made a significant portion (between 1st & 2nd) off the PS3. It would be madness business wise to risk losing that potential revenue. At most I think it'll be timed DLC exclusives (& who really cares about those)
Anon1974  +   1047d ago
Agreed. EA has been all about multi-console support. There's no way they'd abandon this now and piss away such a large market.
nyobzoo  +   1047d ago
Why do I see this as EA using te Xbox version for the MLG scene rather than EA making exclusives
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   1047d ago
A few co-workers at my job say 360 is better because it get COD DLC 1st. I laugh at them all the time. Looks like MS is pulling the same crap for next gen and now they paying EA for time exclusive DLC. MS is a joke and they don't care to make real exclusive games.
Adolph Fitler  +   1047d ago
If EA sell out to MS, then it will be a tragedy, as although EA get a bum rap from gamers, they make & publish some great games, & there early hard times & history with the 16bit era (in particular) & how massive of inroads they made with not only 3rd party developers, but especially non-Japanese 3rd party developers, they really need not sell out & do that shady, greedy, gamer punishing crap that Rockstar & MS did with that $50 million GTA4 shemozzle, & even moreso, those low lives at Activision & MS, with the 1 month COD exclusitivity, rip off, map packs.

EA wouldn't be missed by me much, if I decided to just stick with my Wii-U & PS4 combo (already got the Wii-U & obviously no PS4, well, until launch here in Australia)....
I am not a BF fan, & my former fave FPS war based series, Medal Of Honor has just gone to crap since the 2 PS1 stellar originals (although Frontline was great in parts & Rising Sun was a blast to play online with my Network Adaptor).
So, I really can say that I would really be affected by the loss of content, or full games, involving UFC & Fight Night.
gunnerforlife  +   1047d ago
fuck looks like i lost 10 pounds -.-
one of my mates at Univeristy has one of his best friends that works for EA, and he got told that EA and MS have made a Deal that Fiffa would appear first on 720 and then 4 months later on the ps4. now im pissed off -.-
CyberCam  +   1047d ago
If that's true, I know a lot of guys that are going to be pissed and may end up going with PES. They were already pissed with the way things went with FIFA 13... this will bring them over the edge!

One of the fellows hear a rumour that 14 will have micro transactions like crazy for creating your player/team etc. I don't how true all this is but I can say this, if this the direction EA are going, they will lose a lot of FIFA fans!
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gunnerforlife  +   1047d ago
i swear id hate if that happened! if it does im going back to pro! i just hope he is wrong and no such deal has been made
rainslacker  +   1046d ago
4 months later? That would be suicide for a sports game. It's pretty much giving PES free reign on the soccer genre with Sony, and there is no way EA or FIFA will allow that. 4 months later, most people probably won't care anymore. There's a reason sports games release during their respective real life counter parts season, it's because that's when they sell the most.
Chevalier  +   1046d ago
Yeah they get 5-6 million units moved just in europe alone, why would they jeopardize sales and martet share like that? Sure they get some money up front from MS, but, that lost marketshare might not come back. 4 months is a long time and it'll ensure their products are forgotten. Out of sight out of mind as they say.
gunnerforlife  +   1046d ago
boys i really hope you guys are right! cuz he told me about this deal a few weeks ago and i thought he was chatting rubbish! i even made the bet, but now that i see they got deals with 1 another im inclined to believe him, still i guess time will tell! hopefully EA aint stupid enough to do this! but then again it is EA...
stuna1  +   1047d ago
This sounds more like a symbiotic relationship! Only in the end the "HOST" dies! I'm not going to say who the "HOST" is.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   1047d ago
I could Careless, So pissed with sim city and Micro Transactions being pushed so hard by these guys I would not bat an eye if EA did not make any games for Sony...
InTheLab  +   1047d ago
Probably be something silly like timed DLC or exclusive promotion for the Xbox versions of all EA games. EA is too greedy to alienate 80m gamers...
Roper316  +   1047d ago
why o why does every article have to be about a platform that supposedly needs to be saved? We have ths PS3 is doomed, The PS4 is doomed, The Vita is doomed, The WiiU is doomed, the 3DS is doomed the 360 is doomed, the nextbox not even announced yet and noone knows anything about it but of course it's doomed and needs to be saved by of all things EA the most hated company in America. geesh what a bunch of BS gets posted on here as news. How about we get some more articles on games & developers and actual gaming news instead of these crappy the world is doomed I tell ya articles?
babis1974  +   1047d ago
Save the 720? I didn't know that it was dead already! I believe that the owners of Xbox will get the Xbox720 because it will be a new powerfull console, and also yesterday a post was made on the Xbox forums includes an October 29 release date for DICE and EA’s upcoming shooter Battlefield 4, so i am afraid that for those who are funs (like me) of the Battlefield series there is a partnership between them. When Battlefield 3 came there was the deal between E.A. and SONY. Now it's Microsoft's time. I believe that they will saw us in E3 what is the deal about, but it won't be anything good for PS3-Battlefield owners and funs
Sevir  +   1047d ago
It seems now that the Activision partnership has ended with MS, Sony stepped in and inked a deal, while EA, who has sold more games on Sony Platforms got a partnership inked with MS.

I'm pretty sure the console demonstration of BF4 will debut at MS's reveal of the new Xbox..

at E3 and other Trade Events.. Capcom Square and Activision have been always present at MS events this gen. While its been Ubi, Konami and EA at Sony's..

this year, Square, Capcom, Ubi, Activision all have lined up for Sony, abscent from that list was EA and Konami.

Kojima didn't show up which is odd concidering how close he is with Sony.

I'd wager at the Xbox Event in May that Konami with Kojima will be present, along with EA, Crytek, Bethesda, Epic and Arkane.
mochachino  +   1047d ago
MS spending its money to deprive gamers of content rather than add something new. Classic Microsoft.
thebudgetgamer  +   1047d ago
Can we at least wait till they announce it before we bury it.
drsnoopyseussdog  +   1046d ago
Nah lets just get the shovels now! jk jk.
Lets see how all these companies do at E3.
madjedi  +   1046d ago
Saving really, only 1 system looks like it needs to be saved atm.

Hopefully ms focuses on solid games at e3, because if they spend half of the show talking about kinect/ kinect games. I think it will kill alot of hype from hardcore 360 fans.

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