Infinity Ward Tease Image of MW2 Ghost In Modern Warfare 3

ThisisXbox: "Having been seen to spruce up their Facebook page with new found images of an aging Captain Price, Infinity Ward are now teasing the Call of Duty community with images of Ghost (who appeared to have died in a Modern Warfare 2 petrol blaze) on the menu of Modern Warfare 3. Are they trying to tell us something?"

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TheFallenAngel1812d ago

Ghost was awesome. It sucks they killed him. He needs his own game.

Zuperman1812d ago

call of duty presents... call of duty modern ghost ops warefare

0neShot1812d ago

So the rumor brought about by youtuber Driftor has some truth after all. Call of Duty Ghosts is the rumored title and maybe is anchored on the Ghost character even though he died in the game, or didn't he?

TheFallenAngel1812d ago

Looks like he did, but lets hope not and that it was a double.

H0TSHELLZ1812d ago

He was shot off screen so it could have been a shot to the chest and survived or his Head Gear took most of the bullet but then again what about the fire ?

HmongAmerican1812d ago

Infinity Ward is now Sledgehammer. This must be April fool.

ReLLiK1812d ago

O wow. Another un creative thing call of duty can take from a previous cod title. They might as well just change the box art and put MW3 in it. People probably wouldn't know the difference. But that might require too much work from Activision.

I have a great idea. Let's bring back a character from the last game. That's an awesome idea. But wait..didn't he die? Well yeah, but just think. It's less work WE have to do. Do you know how much time it would take for us to come up with a new character? You're right. It's brilliant.

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