Games You'll Never See In Your Lifetime, Ever.

Andreas Asimakis writes, "Go out and grab a box of Kleenex now cause chances are you will never, and I mean NEVER see the likes of any of these games no matter how badly you want them."

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kalkano1881d ago

Chrono Cross was Chrono Trigger 2.

If SquareEnix starts heading toward bankruptcy, they are more likely to remake FF7 as a last ditch effort to save the company, than for any other reason.

Scissorman821881d ago

If a FFVII remake is such a guaranteed success then why not make it now? Would have even the budget to make it properly if they were headed towards bankruptcy?

kalkano1881d ago

I think they're afraid of the opinion that their old games are WAY better than their new games. Which is why they'd leave it for a last ditch effort.

_-EDMIX-_1879d ago

Square has done the most RPG remakes out of any company in the industry.....yes they will remake FFVII. I really see no reason not to.

Eyeco1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

They've actually acknowledged this when they called the PS era the Golden age. I think they feel that given current stage of the franchise legacy they can do what ever they want with the series, even at the expense of the fan's.

This happens allot in the music industry for example Metallica doing a collaborating album with Lou Reed, it appeals to neither fanbase, neither wanted it, neither fanbase likes it, it's their way of "evolving" and "reaching a wider audience" but it totally backfires.

XB1_PS41879d ago

It feels like the author has a stick up his butt..

KaBaW1879d ago

What I'd like to know is what do people 'want' from a FF7 remake?
Just the same game but in high definition, or what it is that's wanted?

kalkano1878d ago

@KaBaW That's exactly what I want. An FF7 with PS4 graphics. I'm afraid that they'd try to change the battle system into an action RPG. There's no way I'd buy that.

KaBaW1877d ago

That makes sense. A straight up remake in that sense would be cool.
But, I agree with you on the fact that they'd prolly change a lot.

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Scissorman821880d ago

But, their older games ARE better their than their news ones. If they haven't realized that by now...

wishingW3L1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

when people talk about sequels what they want is similar gameplay but Chrono Cross, except for 1 tiny element that connect both games, was an entirely different game from Chrono Trigger. Everything from art-style to gameplay was new and that's why is not considered a sequel.

Snookies121879d ago

Chrono Cross wasn't an entirely different game man... It had a lot of connections to what Trigger was, people usually just didn't get far enough to realize this. Mention of Lavos didn't even pop up in Cross until about half way through.

killerorca2581879d ago

I see where you're coming from, but unlike what we're accustomed to nowadays with RPG series, there was a time when innovation and imagination thrived in the hearts and minds of developers. Chrono Trigger 2 would've been criticized for being almost exactly the same as Chrono Trigger, and if they had've changed it and called it CT2 instead of CC, then fans would get upset that it wasn't what they expected. Besides, the devs were terrified of making a direct sequel to a game recognized as one of the top 5 RPGs of all time, a shame but understandable.

killerorca2581879d ago

I agree, call me stupid, but I enjoyed Chrono Cross more than Chrono Trigger and that's a game I'd love to, but won't see, a sequel to. And I also agree that EVENTUALLY, (even if it takes another 5 or 10 years), Square Enix will remake FF7 because it's the most popular game in the series, they can't afford not to. And that stupid comment when SE said they wouldn't remake FF7 until they could better it, how about they actually TRY and make an FF title with half-decent characters, 90% non-linear story, and a world setting besides TOTALLY MEGA-UNBELIEVABLE SPACE GLOOP BALL WORLD THINGY MIXED WITH STAR TREK TECH CAPITAL.

1879d ago
mega BIG time1878d ago

Blah blah BLAH

Im so disgusted by all the talk i hear from developers and people affiliated with FFvii that feel its not the time to release a remake.
HONESTLY, now is the time. The community that once loved you (squaresoft) is slowly getting older and slowly but surely we (ffvii fans) are finding ourselves in the predicament of finding real jobs and unfortunately dont have the time to twiddle our thumbs and wait for a new release. You're likely to release a new game to a new audience of tweens that have never heard of the ff franchise before.
How unfortunate would it be if sq enix waited so long to release the remake that all the original die hards didnt have a chance to contribute to the critically acclaimed release of the ffvii remake because we're too god dang busy! Maybe i only speak for myself, but i say, "BUST FFVII OUT, ENIX!"

PooEgg1878d ago

If they did remake FF7, they would probably just screw it up.

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gamer421879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

now you can add starwars 1313 to that as well
why in the name of all things good?!!!??

George Sears1879d ago

Never say never, especially when it comes to FFVII. Sure, it seemed far-fetched but with Yoichi Wada's departure from Square-Enix, there might be a tad glimmer of hope...

"Brother, I'm a whole different game from Liquid."

thebudgetgamer1879d ago

Looks like I'll never see Mario Bros. 2.

PHOSADRA1879d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 and
FF Versus 13

To the list?

Hanso1879d ago

i think if versus doesnt appear at this years e3 or tgs its dead

Agent_00_Revan1879d ago

I agree with Vs13, but the teaser at the end of KH3D pointed very hardly at the next game being KH3. So I'm not ready to completely discount that one.

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