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Submitted by Scissorman82 1043d ago | opinion piece

Games You'll Never See In Your Lifetime, Ever.

Andreas Asimakis writes, "Go out and grab a box of Kleenex now cause chances are you will never, and I mean NEVER see the likes of any of these games no matter how badly you want them." (3DS, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Chrono Trigger , Culture, Half Life 3, iPad, iPhone, Next-Gen, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Last Guardian, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

kalkano  +   1045d ago
Chrono Cross was Chrono Trigger 2.

If SquareEnix starts heading toward bankruptcy, they are more likely to remake FF7 as a last ditch effort to save the company, than for any other reason.
Scissorman82  +   1045d ago
If a FFVII remake is such a guaranteed success then why not make it now? Would have even the budget to make it properly if they were headed towards bankruptcy?
kalkano  +   1045d ago
I think they're afraid of the opinion that their old games are WAY better than their new games. Which is why they'd leave it for a last ditch effort.
_-EDMIX-_  +   1043d ago
Square has done the most RPG remakes out of any company in the industry.....yes they will remake FFVII. I really see no reason not to.
Eyeco  +   1043d ago
They've actually acknowledged this when they called the PS era the Golden age. I think they feel that given current stage of the franchise legacy they can do what ever they want with the series, even at the expense of the fan's.

This happens allot in the music industry for example Metallica doing a collaborating album with Lou Reed, it appeals to neither fanbase, neither wanted it, neither fanbase likes it, it's their way of "evolving" and "reaching a wider audience" but it totally backfires.
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XB1_PS4  +   1043d ago
It feels like the author has a stick up his butt..
KaBaW  +   1042d ago
What I'd like to know is what do people 'want' from a FF7 remake?
Just the same game but in high definition, or what it is that's wanted?
kalkano  +   1042d ago
@KaBaW That's exactly what I want. An FF7 with PS4 graphics. I'm afraid that they'd try to change the battle system into an action RPG. There's no way I'd buy that.
KaBaW  +   1041d ago
@kalkano -
That makes sense. A straight up remake in that sense would be cool.
But, I agree with you on the fact that they'd prolly change a lot.
Scissorman82  +   1044d ago
But, their older games ARE better their than their news ones. If they haven't realized that by now...
wishingW3L  +   1043d ago
when people talk about sequels what they want is similar gameplay but Chrono Cross, except for 1 tiny element that connect both games, was an entirely different game from Chrono Trigger. Everything from art-style to gameplay was new and that's why is not considered a sequel.
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Snookies12  +   1043d ago
Chrono Cross wasn't an entirely different game man... It had a lot of connections to what Trigger was, people usually just didn't get far enough to realize this. Mention of Lavos didn't even pop up in Cross until about half way through.
killerorca258  +   1043d ago
I see where you're coming from, but unlike what we're accustomed to nowadays with RPG series, there was a time when innovation and imagination thrived in the hearts and minds of developers. Chrono Trigger 2 would've been criticized for being almost exactly the same as Chrono Trigger, and if they had've changed it and called it CT2 instead of CC, then fans would get upset that it wasn't what they expected. Besides, the devs were terrified of making a direct sequel to a game recognized as one of the top 5 RPGs of all time, a shame but understandable.
killerorca258  +   1043d ago
I agree, call me stupid, but I enjoyed Chrono Cross more than Chrono Trigger and that's a game I'd love to, but won't see, a sequel to. And I also agree that EVENTUALLY, (even if it takes another 5 or 10 years), Square Enix will remake FF7 because it's the most popular game in the series, they can't afford not to. And that stupid comment when SE said they wouldn't remake FF7 until they could better it, how about they actually TRY and make an FF title with half-decent characters, 90% non-linear story, and a world setting besides TOTALLY MEGA-UNBELIEVABLE SPACE GLOOP BALL WORLD THINGY MIXED WITH STAR TREK TECH CAPITAL.
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mega BIG time  +   1042d ago
Blah blah BLAH

Im so disgusted by all the talk i hear from developers and people affiliated with FFvii that feel its not the time to release a remake.
HONESTLY, now is the time. The community that once loved you (squaresoft) is slowly getting older and slowly but surely we (ffvii fans) are finding ourselves in the predicament of finding real jobs and unfortunately dont have the time to twiddle our thumbs and wait for a new release. You're likely to release a new game to a new audience of tweens that have never heard of the ff franchise before.
How unfortunate would it be if sq enix waited so long to release the remake that all the original die hards didnt have a chance to contribute to the critically acclaimed release of the ffvii remake because we're too god dang busy! Maybe i only speak for myself, but i say, "BUST FFVII OUT, ENIX!"
PooEgg  +   1042d ago
If they did remake FF7, they would probably just screw it up.
gamer42  +   1043d ago
now you can add starwars 1313 to that as well
why in the name of all things good?!!!??
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George Sears  +   1043d ago
Never say never, especially when it comes to FFVII. Sure, it seemed far-fetched but with Yoichi Wada's departure from Square-Enix, there might be a tad glimmer of hope...

"Brother, I'm a whole different game from Liquid."
platformmaster918  +   1043d ago
Mr. President?
thebudgetgamer  +   1043d ago
Looks like I'll never see Mario Bros. 2.
PHOSADRA  +   1043d ago
Is it safe to add...
Kingdom Hearts 3 and
FF Versus 13

To the list?
Hanso  +   1043d ago
i think if versus doesnt appear at this years e3 or tgs its dead
azshorty2003  +   1043d ago
I agree with Vs13, but the teaser at the end of KH3D pointed very hardly at the next game being KH3. So I'm not ready to completely discount that one.
Donnieboi  +   1043d ago
Will I ever see another GOOD "MGO" game again? Y'know, one headed by Kojima directly, and not shipped off to westerners...

Scissorman82  +   1043d ago
I guess we can lump Silent Hill into the mix as well...
fossilfern  +   1043d ago
The whole industry at the moment is just running out of ideas or just too afraid to do anything. They are being dictated by large publishers and stock holders who either dont have a clue or dont want to release anything if it wont give them "COD numbers".

This attitude has to change and we are seeing less "creative" games coming out. The ONLY game(s) that have given me that feeling of excitement that games in the SNES and N64 days gave me has been the Witcher 2. There are a few other games but nothing to the extent of the Witcher 2, the whole industry needs shuck up because its being run by people who are only interested in games that will make the money.
Scissorman82  +   1043d ago
This is exactly why I've been funding more and more Kickstarter projects. The creativity is there, it just isn't coming out of the mainstream camp anymore.
LightningMokey  +   1043d ago
Super Mario 64-2 or a GOOD sequel to Perfect Dark.

Rare being able to get off the chain Microsoft put around its neck.

A good Crash Bandicoot reboot.
Final Fantasy V-13
The last Guardian
Doom 4

Several others.
HonestDragon  +   1043d ago
Sad, but true for many of these titles.
joinsideke  +   1043d ago
Interesting picks, but I think you're wrong on FF7, and not for the reasons you're thinking.

Square Enix is closer than ever before to going under, and even though they have said countless times they are not going to create this remake because it would void them of resources and creative power for an extended development time, they know they hold this trump card.

Give them 2 more years of piss poor marketing and content creation and I'm confident we'll see the carrot dangled in front of our faces once more.
Scissorman82  +   1043d ago
And then what? Is that all the fanbase has left to look forward to? A remake of a decade old game that honestly isn't really worth the trouble? Now a remake of FFVI - that would something truly epic.
Monkeysmarts  +   1043d ago
I would be so much more interested in a proper remake of VI... easily the best FF in my opinion. I don't think the design teams currently on the RPG side of Square Enix have the creative capacity to do it justice, though. Nor VII for that matter. I think they would butcher a FFVII remake, given the evidence we have of their recent work.
Snookies12  +   1043d ago
Look, as amazing as FFVI was... (It's my favorite FF game out of the series even.) FFVII NEEDS a remake much more than VI does. VI was at a time with sprites, which looked good for the game. They fit with the world very well, everything worked nicely together. VII on the other hand? Look at how awful the character models are on that game. I really love VII, but man does it need a graphical update more than any other in the series.
GenericNameHere  +   1042d ago
Lol you just contradicted yourself. You say FFVII is NOT worth the hassle of remaking, but FFVI is? Yes, FFVI was a near perfect game, but so was FFVII. The thing with FFVII though is... MONEY! The FF fanbase is split on whether FFVI or FFVII was the best, FFVII was the game that made FF a brand name (yes, the older games did have fans, but it wasn't until FFVII that the franchise got huge), more people know Cloud and Tifa than Terra, FFVII is the BEST-SELLING game Square has ever created, and millions of people (well, at least over 100K. the Internet doesn't equal the whole world) want/demand a FFVII remake. I don't think Square will butcher it as they already have the whole game in front of them. They just need to polish and upgrade the world, characters, music, etc., and include brand new things such as an extra post game story, stuff that were only in the International Versions, and keep the gameplay the same.

If you don't think a FFVII remake is worth the trouble, then you might as well be Wada's fortune teller.
Monkeysmarts  +   1042d ago
Don't get me wrong, I would be all over a FFVII remake... all over it. I would just be incredibly more interested in a proper VI remake. I understand the realities here, VII is the cash cow of the franchise and the one more people want. I don't agree that VII isn't worth remaking I'm just reiterating the love for VI. For me VII is not close to VI, but that's my opinion... I still love both games.

As far as my confidence in Square Enix to remake the game, it just is not there at this point. They already spoke on changing things about the game after XIII came out. Maybe that changes with their restructuring, but it definitely was not encouraging to me.
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killerorca258  +   1043d ago
Lightning Returns miserable release will be the killer blow. Death to Nova Crystallis
Heisenburger  +   1043d ago
This is starting to depress me.... :/
Geovanny  +   1043d ago
Gun 2
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   1043d ago
Prince of persia 08 deserves a sequel while the game was easy,it did have a great cast of characters,enviorment,platform ing,puzzles,and it was a beautiful concept overall,but it really needs a sequel anyone thats beaten the game knows and everyone that brought the dlc epilogue really knows how bad a sequel is needed,i seriously cant see why ubisoft wont make a sequel,it sold well enough.
-Gespenst-  +   1043d ago
We will see Beyond Good and Evil 2- definitely on next gen consoles.

We won't see a remake of VII, but we will see VII-2- This is blatantly what the compilation was for. (dem cliffhangerz) VII is magical the way it is. I think you're spoiling it by clamouring for a remake.

Oh my God! I typed this as I was reading the article thinking to add Tomba 3, but lo and behold they included it!! Massive respect. Sadly I don't think we'll ever see the third one. The guy who started this thread: claims Tokuro Fujiwara has no plans for a third Tomba game, which actually broke my heart. I was hoping Monkey Paw's acquisition of the licence for the game would stimulate a new Tomba but I guess not. Who knows though.

I suspect we'll hear about what's next for Half Life sometime this year- possibly around the time of the Steam Box. I'm also thinking about those tweets between the minecraft guy and some other bloke who'd been talking to Valve.

As for The Last Guardian, I think we'll definitely see that too. I'm just not sure on what platform.

Ah it's happened again, guy mentioned another game I was gonna bring up. First of all though, Chrono Cross is the Chrono Trigger sequel, so it's a third game we should be expecting. Everyone knows SE registered the "Chrono Break" trademark but I think it's since expired. Rightfully they say that it could only happen if the original team got back together- I agree and I think it'd be a miss otherwise. I know Yasunori Mitsuda's interested in scoring it, and I know script ideas were discussed, so never say never. Also when Chrono Trigger was ported to the DS, Shinji Hashimoto said that if want a sequel we should all buy the port. Not sure if anyone listened though...

Surprised Versus XIII didn't come up.
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AngryOcelots  +   1043d ago
Thanks for not putting Persona 5 on that list, gives me hope that it will still come out.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   1043d ago
Half-Life 2: Episode 3 coming 2016
Half-Life 3 coming 2020

Tommymk2  +   1043d ago
Resident evil 2 remake would be nice but I rather capcom didn't unless shunji mikami was back on board
azshorty2003  +   1043d ago
"Battletoads Remastered: Fun Fact: You total playtime of Battletoads is directly proportional to how much you hate yourself. Do you even want another Battletoads, or a remake of the ultra-brutal NES original…because I sure do!"

I laughed at this one. It was a fun game of my childhood, but hot damn it was brutal. I don't need a remake.
AbyssGravelord  +   1043d ago
"Half-Life 2: Episode 3/Half-Life 3: News flash: Valve doesn't owe you anything."

Yeah fuck you, developers should want to please the fans and consumers that put them in the position they are today. Not alienate them for mass market appeal. Shit article.
AbyssGravelord  +   1042d ago
lol at disagrees, i hope the games you enjoy never get sequels they deserve.
manaxknight1  +   1042d ago
radical dreamers was the sequel to chrono trigger
landog  +   1042d ago
'lol, what a turd, half life 3 is coming 100% for sure and it will be epic

half life 2 has sold WELL over 12 million copies and add in episodes 1 and 2 and you are looking at plus all the digital not reported and half life 2 most likely has well over 20 million sales

add in half life 1 and the series, in basically 2 and a half games has sold 35 million copies

im pretty freaking sure half life 3 is coming and it is going to destroy your mind with its awesomeness
arbitor365  +   1042d ago
1) kingdom hearts 3
2) FF versus
3) chrono sequel
4) FF7 remake
5) everything that fans have asked square enix for
AwesomeHatter  +   1042d ago
Sad, but true...
Gigaguy777  +   1042d ago
This guy is mostly right, but Half Life 3 is a guarantee, and Notch has already publicly announced that he's payrolled Psychonauts 2. This guy needs to check his sources for more than five minutes.
NBluth  +   1042d ago
You might want to do the same:
Theangrybogan  +   1042d ago
The trolling in the comments section of that article is fricken hilarious.

back on topic: Half Life 3, willing to wait n see.
TheRichterBelmont  +   1042d ago
The guy comes off sounding like a huge whiner. Too bad for him.
dbo2700  +   1042d ago
I wish you would have added 2K football to this list. I wish those guys would just move on...
GordonKnight  +   1042d ago
Everyone is al over Square for not making good games anymore. I don't know why. Tomb Raider was great. It may not be an RPG but it was fun to play.

They should remake FF iv & vi before vii

Hopefully Nintendo will push them make them for the Wii U VC.

I've stopped waiting for games to be remade and started enjoy the games that are available now.

Plus most of these game are on the PSN.

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