Outline of Free Xbox Live Sub, Sent to Retail Execs for Next XBOX.

Virtual Katz Writes:It’s not too often that you have the ability in journalism to have friends in high places that are willing to share information from other companies in regards to something that has been kept as tight lipped as the next Xbox. What I was able to come in contact with, from an unnamed close acquaintance that for obvious reasons has asked for anonymity, is somewhat unprecedented in today’s day and age. In a document that was sent to many high-ranking executives for different retail outlets outlines the newest, what seems to be called simply Xbox, displays that everyone will be able to enjoy free a free Xbox Live subscription with the purchase of a new console.

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JhawkFootball061817d ago

I knew I should have came to the comments before reading that

shoddy1817d ago

Still if xlive free on nextgen then I would be feeling really rip off for the last 5 years

nukeitall1817d ago

This is so lame!

Why is this [email protected] even approved?

thechosenone1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

VirtualKatz is an evil bastard. lol

giovonni1817d ago

You can tell it's April fools by the pictures in the diagram.

Insomnia_841817d ago

I could tell as soon as I saw "FREE xbox live sub".

giovonni1817d ago

lol, yeah,but since the xbox hasn't been reveled yet, there is a chance it could be free. What really gives it away is the cheap display of information. Even the logo for the name is off, lol.

TemplarDante1817d ago

MSFT give XBL for free?
April fools XD

andreasx1817d ago

april fools, microsoft would never give us free stuff.

ps3_pwns1817d ago

microsoft gives you nothing for free they american. matter of fact they likely to take more money from you lol.

BlmThug1817d ago

Right.. because it's only Americans that charge you for things /s

I'm not American BTW but that whole comment reeks of fanboy, as does your username. I imagine Sony gave you your PS3 for free?

ps3_pwns1816d ago

its only america who charges you for things they shouldnt. ms online should be free. ea there should not be drm on simcity, apple them products over priced and has huge restrictions compared to other phones. walmart a rip off, they also started microtransactions and dlc for games and taught the bigger japanese companies that they should do this to rip people off.

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