Teamxbox: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Teamxbox writes: "Condemned 2 picks up where Condemned: Criminal Origins left off, with agent Ethan Thomas finding himself at the bottom of a whiskey glass after being kicked out of the SCU (Serial Crimes Unit) following the events of the first game. The first level gives you a refresher on the combat principles of the game, which center around basic fisticuffs, as well as melee combat with handy weapons such as pipes, boards, bricks or whatever else you find lying around on the ground. The first level also reintroduces you to the supernatural elements introduced in the first game, through your hallucinations and mysterious televisions and radios scattered throughout the levels that you have to tune in by moving the antenna around.

Just telling you any more about the first level of the game would expose major spoilers about the game, and I'm determined not to do that. Just take that as evidence that the game is chock full of plot twists and turns-some of them expected, but most of them completely unexpected, just like an infected bum popping out from behind a dumpster, holding a 2X4 with your name on it. Just trust me when I say that dirty back alleys and abandoned buildings are only the beginning of the places you'll see and where you'll beat up people."

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skynidas3693d ago

Great score but i still dont know if im going to buy this...

sonarus3693d ago

i played the demo on live seemed like a very very good game. was going to buy it but ended up buying fear instead. and even worse i bought the ps3 version. lol how naive i was back then on the ps3 ports. I think i will rent this one. probably go with 360 version since i doubt i will be playing online and at least i can enjoy some custom soundtracks

BladedKnucklz3693d ago

Can't wait to pick this up for the 360-

Excalibur3692d ago

And it's a deserving score.
Much better that the first and the first was a great game.

MadMax3692d ago

Awesome game, Frys electronics has it for only $49.99 and sale ends tomorrow.