OUYA retail packaging revealed


"For those of you wondering what form the 4 June OUYA retail box will take when released, wonder no more.

"We've three decent-sized shots showing the front, back and slightly-opened state of the retail packaging."

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gameangel1851d ago

So, OUYA is heading out to Kickstarter backers now, and will be in retail in June...

But what no one seems to want to clarify, is what about people who pre-ordered at just after the kickstarter finished? We were due to get ours April... is that still the case? If so, I guess it'll be late April, with shipments into May...

UncleJaysus1851d ago

Hmm, good point.

We should assume that pre-orders will still be out before June, because that's what was said before and hasn't been specifically addressed since.

Official confirmation would be nice though, I guess.

khowat1850d ago

Lol who knows? People seem to right it off as just phone games on your tv but just imagine if it sold millions upon millions of units

Fasttrack761850d ago

I really don't know what to think about this.

Summons751850d ago

Worst packaging I've ever seen, but then again I shouldn't expect it to be good it is the ouya after all.

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