GameTap: StarCraft II: Zerg Hands-on Preview

GameTap writes: "I've lost a fair amount of my life to StarCraft. While I respected and played other big real-time strategy games like Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation, and even WarCraft, it was StarCraft that tickled my brain. It was a game that, even though I'm pretty terrible at it, was always fun to play even when I lost, and it was my basic correspondence course in how to play RTS games. And as much as I respected both the Terran and the Protoss factions, my faction of choice was always the Zerg. So I was a bit disappointed to not play the Zerg when I first got some hands-on time with StarCraft II at BlizzCon last August, but Blizzard has finally revealed the Zerg and given media some hands-on time with a pre-alpha build. I've finally had the chance to reacquaint myself with those old favorites.

If the Terrans are space criminals who are pretty straightforward to play as, and the Protoss are technological wizard aliens, then the Zerg are tooth-and-claw-and-spit aliens. Depending on your mood, the Zerg resemble either the creatures from the Aliens franchise, or the Tyranid race from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Gameplay-wise, they're kooky in that every unit is a mutation of a base larva (your hatchery simply births three larvae simultaneously at set intervals and each larva then metamorphosizes into a unit); their structures are further mutations of drones, which is the base worker unit. All of these structures must be built on "creep," a weird goo that spreads out from a Zerg player's base."

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Cant wait to play some Starcraft