The Rocky And Concerning Future Of Microsoft

Windows 8 sucks, Surface is getting trounced by the iPad, and Sony's already gaining next-gen steam. Should the Big M be worried?

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iGAM3R-VIII1757d ago

MS as a whole are not failing at all,but if the do not do something sooner or later, their gaming side of them could suffer. By E3 when we have a clear idea of both the 720 and PS4 we will be able to see the true path of MS (which doesn't look good based on the 720 rumours)

NateCole1757d ago

Agree. They have to plan ahead. Mobile and Web is the future for the tech world. Whoever manages to get there will be the leader. Google got a great start with the web and Apple with their obscenely over priced hardware and services that are of top quality.

The other thing i think MS needs in a new image. For too long they have gotten themselves a pretty bad image. A lot of people only put up with them because they had no choice. Their monopoly over the OS and PC market is coming to bite them in the ass now that people have real and sometimes better alternatives.

They have to be bold and visionary.

Army_of_Darkness1757d ago

MS surface isn't doing well against the likes of samsung's galaxy tab, let alone the Ipad LOL! and for the price MS charges for their tablets isn't a good choice compared to the alternatives that are very good in my opinion. Just a couple days ago I got the ASUS memo smart pad 10.1" for only $299 and I'm very satisfied with it's capabilities for that price, so the MS surface needs to drop in price or it's gonna be done for like the Zune...

MS smart phone doesn't stand a chance against the iphone or galaxy so I don't know why they even bothered..

I'm still happy with windows 7..

As for the 720... I think if they go all out casual, it's gonna be the end for their console business so MS better start considering they're hardcore fanbase before Sony takes over gaming again completely.

Maddens Raiders1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

has never been the same since this man left. As much as I loathed the problems w/ the hardware and other complaints, I always liked this guy. Dude had ballz of stainless steel. They need to recapture his spirit.

NateCole1757d ago

@army. Surface clearly illustrates the problem MS has as company. It's lacking vision and imagination.

Surface sucks as a ultra-portable or as a tablet.

When compare to a tablet it has horrible battery life,bulky and expensive. Compare to an ultra-portable. It has horrible storage capacity and lack other functionality ultra-portables provide.

It's a middle of the road solution that does not appeal to any mass market and only to a small segment. MS from my observation have been in this situation for a long time now. They lack vision. If it weren't for their monopoly over the PC industry they would be been dead a long time ago.

Post PC era they are now finding it even harder now to adjust because they are not a monopoly and are finally challenged by stronger and better positioned competitors that have vision to anticipate changes in the tech world and imagination to capture people with their products.

@maddens. Yes. It's no coincidence that when he was with xbox they had a clear vision of what they are about. They did pretty well then.

AngelicIceDiamond1757d ago

"we will be able to see the true path of MS (which doesn't look good based on the 720 rumours)"

And the exact same could be said about Sony a few short months ago and in fact Sony had the worst rumors regarding used games and look how that turned out? Pretty damn well did it.

Lets just wait we don't have to much longer (regarding the April reveal rumor)

nukeitall1757d ago

Ironic isn't it?

What nobody seems to realize is that when push comes to shove, it is all about execution and management.

I'm not just saying this about Sony, but also about Nintendo and MS.

Who would have thought Nintendo turned 3DS fortunes around, and that MS would gain the market share they did with the Xbox 360.

Yet, who would have thought the PS Vita would have done so badly.

The Wii U remains to be seen and so does the PS4 and the next Xbox.

Nilemonitors131757d ago

All I know is that tons of people are thinking about migrating to Ps4 next gen. What people have to realise is that they don't owe loyalty to any company, I personally love Ps because of what I get, if xbox offered better I would jump ship, but i guess i'll be sticking with play station for awhile .

dbjj120881757d ago

I wonder how easy they'll win the family crowd if the gamers aren't there to early adopt while the tech is expensive....

MikeMyers1757d ago

That is why they will be likely offering a $99 system with some sort of subscription/contract model attached kinda like a cellphone.

I expect Microsoft will have 2 systems available. They must have a hard drive in each system this time.

The key areas Microsoft had this generation were:

1. Price
What will the price of the next Xbox and PS4 be?

2. Early start
Unless Microsoft decides to release it right after they announce it that won't be an edge this time for them

3. Easy development
The PS4 is getting rave reviews from game developers and the system won't be suffering from long load times either

4. Online
Throughout the generation Sony has really upped their service and with Plus it just added a whole new level of value.

So it seems to me Microsoft has its work cut out for them to top the PS4. Will they go a different route? Will it be cheaper? Will Microsoft have an ace up its sleeve? Will Microsoft come out with a ton of new games? We'll just have to wait and see but until then I expect many more of these types of topics swirling about filled with rumors and speculation.

nukeitall1757d ago


I think what you should consider isn't what MS had previous generation, but what MS created previous generation relative to the competition.

1. Price
MS made many good design decision that lead them to having a consistent pricing advantage. Yet the differentiating factor between it's nearest competitor is minimal.

2. Early start
Too many attribute the early start to MS success, but it actually was the fact that MS had the foresight to forged great relationships with developers and create great partnerships. In comparison, early releases like Dreamcast didn't pan out. Heck, even RROD was switfly taken care of and forgiven by the public.

3. Easy development
Nothing to add here.

4. Online
Sony has greatly expanded the value of PSN+, but it is at the cost of decreasing attach rate. This actually might hurt Sony and their partnerships with developers. Good for consumers, but potentially bad for content providers. We will have to wait and see, but this highlights MS strength also. The fact that MS consistently is able to charge premium for their service, when the competition provides a free one and on top of it, provides lots of games on a low cost subscription.

So what you have to take from this is, don't underestimate MS ability to compete. Just look at what they did too the Wii with Kinect.

So does MS have work cut out for it? Yes, they do and it seems Sony has done their homework.

However, I don't see anything that isn't really a reaction to the Xbox 360. Sony needs to turn up the heat and introduce something that differentiates it from the Xbox 360/PS3 other than better looking games, identifying player controllers, a touchpad and a share button. These things seems like it hardly makes a difference, but then again neither did achievements.

Bigpappy1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

You guys really think all of this doom and glooms stuff you put on your little website and submit to N4G will sway people from M$. You are doing yourselves and gamers a disservice by trying to predict doom and gloom for a company that has as much chance of failing as your lame site has of becoming mainstream.

My advise is to wait until you know something before having such a strong OPINION. What will likely happen is that your prediction will be completely off and you end up looking very unreliable. That will hurt your brand (not that you actually have one. But you know what I mean).

Next: Win 8 does not Suck, and the Surface Pro may actually be too successful. So much so in fact, that other OEM are being hurt by it.

Sony has done a good job at impressing their base and even 360 owners like myself. They look to have a good system coming. But am I ready to move from Xbox to PS? No sir, not even close. I have not seen anything from M$ yet (neither have you). I can tell you that Sony has a big weakness that if not addressed with cause M$ automatic success. FAMILY is the keyword. Sony has left that wide open.

When M$ shows the next Xbox and you still have this opinion, you are free to comment with the rest of us right here on N4G. Till then, just can it!

jimbobwahey1757d ago

In my opinion the big weakness of the PS4 is a lack of backwards compatibility. If Microsoft reveal that the next Xbox has backwards compatibility, that's the console that I'll buy.

If neither console is backwards compatible though, I won't be buying one until the first price drop.

Parapraxis1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Bigpappy - "am I ready to move from Xbox to PS? No sir, not even close."
...well there's a shocker lmao's an idea, get both and quit being a fangirl.

pete0071757d ago

i am running Windows8 64 bit and i can assure you its as performing as win7 with all the updates and sp1, better kernel, memory management, performance, its just a slight change from its predecessors.

now..... you all saw the move from xbox to 360, didnt you? unexpected, brutal, even me a ps2 owner, was in awe for the first wave of games in the hd era.
they got me as a custumer, and a hapy one despite of the 5 xbox rrods, and allways freely replaced by new ones, contradicting some posts here that we had to rebuy new consoles. thats true, they launched a rushed product, but they had no choice. overal it was the best console we have ever saw. it was not the queen of the teraflops, it was a balanced one, easy on the go, developer friendly, and a cheap one also,
now.... are MS stupid to rely on the 360 success and turn into a cable tv provider?
why do you think they have no AAA first party titles like sony does lately?
because to MS the party was almost over 2,5 years ago, as they achieved largely their goals, instead to sony, the party was just beginning as they had to maximize theis ps3 lifespan and also its well known that not all blockbusters sold as they wished.
MSFT will be with full power at e3 with 3 years of next gen projects, features and all the bullshit were used to.

Minato-Namikaze1757d ago

How can you have 5 rrods and be happy? Having a constantly failing games machine and being happy shouldnt ever go in the same sentence.

Nilemonitors131757d ago

Isn't that like being masochistic, 5 rrod, goddamn, you must be shi##ng money, anyways, like I said before, people don't owe loyalty to any company, so go for the one that suits you best. In my opinion Ps “cares more” about me, by offering the best value per dollar spent, just think about it homie.

rainslacker1757d ago

I agree with most of your comment, even though I find it rather condescending.

I would like to point out though that Sony is probably going to be pushing their social aspects of the system in order to gain interest in the family market. It's no secret how popular social media has become, and it has made what was once difficult, easy. The fact that family and friends can now easily connect to one another is a huge plus in their cap in this regard.

How this translates to actual sales remains to be seen. Realistically I can see that when it comes to social aspects, a PC or tablet or smartphone are probably much more ubiquitous, and there are common social networking sites that work on all of them.

The only advantage is that Sony can really push a family oriented gaming console should they decide to take the next logical step, which is allowing people to play easily with one another through their own network...think a socially connected Wii. It removes the physical presence aspect of socializing, and can help to bring distant family and friends together in a meaningful way. At least that's my take on it. There would obviously have to be software to support it, and it looks like Move will take care of those that are put off by traditional controls.

Sony does support the family market now, it just isn't a really dominate force in their marketing, so it goes unseen by most of us due to us probably not caring much about it.

Nilemonitors131757d ago

Im happy you were impressed by the Ps4, just give it a shot my friend, I will assure you it wont disappoint you,

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boybato1757d ago

I know for a fact that a lot of my friends had a "falling out" from their xbox due to kinect (cannot forget a friend whose childhood was destroyed by star war's galactic dance off) If not only for Halo ang Gears they've sold their xbox.

Specs wise I do not think xbox and sony will differ that much. Kinect might also work as their wildcard

Shit, I cant wait for next gen...

alexcosborn1757d ago

Yeah, I think a lot rides on Kinect.

Godmars2901757d ago

Given that they've been pushing it for past 2-3 E3s they more than likely think that.

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Wedge191757d ago

Sad. It's weird to see a massive switching of roles in the industry.

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