Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2008-3-3/ 2008-3-9 and Sales

VGChartz reports via Famitsu that Top 10 sales in Japan were as follows:

1. Yakuza 3 (PS3): about 178k [NEW]
2. Gundam Musou Special (PS2): about 55k (total about 204k)
3. Wii Fit (Wii): about 50k (total about 1.64m)
4. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii): about 47k (total about 1.45m)
5. Metroid Prime 3 (Wii): about 34k [NEW]
6. Soma Bringer (DS): about 17k (total about 71k)
7. Wii Sports (Wii): about 16k (total about 2.80m)
8. Musou Orochi (PSP): abuot 15k (total about 95k)
9. Doraemon: Nobita to Midori no Kyozin Den (DS): about 15k [NEW]
10. Everybody's Common Sense TV (Wii): about 14k [NEW]

Other New Rleases:

18. Nobunaga'a Ambition: Kakusin with Power Up Kit (PS2):about 9.5k[NEW]

Hardware Totals:

PSP: about 66k
Wii: about 51k
DSL: about 45k
PS3: about 21k
PS2: about 8.8k
360: about 2.5k

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Shaka2K63635d ago

So dead in Japan.

no hope for you xboiz.

cellypower3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

Even with all the moneyhatting to namco for there jrpg games it still doesn't work.

skynidas3635d ago

Good sales for Yakuza 3!!

sonarus3635d ago

yea but despite having the number 1 title all they could do was push 20 thou. Sony needs price cut in JP asap. They are doing good in other markets so they can hold out for a bit, but it doesn't look like those bundles are working. They need to go back to the original strategy of one low end model and one high end model. release an 80gb ps3 bundled with dualshock at 400 and drop the 40gb to 300 and they can sell past wii in almost all markets

CrazzyMan3635d ago

All sony needs is - FFXIII, MGS4, GT5, RE5 released this year in Japan.
It`s not about price, it`s about games, for which people buy console. When all these 4 will be released, sales will sky rocket.

There still NOT many japanese oriented games released on ps3 in Japan.
If all games, that were released in Japan on x360, would be already on ps3, ps3 sales would be easy near 100k. Really, how many jrpg ps3 has today? Of`course it`s because ps3 only ONE year on the market, but if ps3 would have already eternal sonata + BD and LO... =))

Btw, GREAT sales for Yakuza 3, with only 2 mln. PS3 it did 180k, while first Yakuza with almost 20 mln. PS2 only 135k.
Game has potential to reach 1 mln. LTD. =)

p.s. need to get 5th bubble back, thnx. :)

Homicide3635d ago

Crazzyman, this is Mirson from VGchartz. It sucks that you got banned for stating FACTS! I'll see what I can do to give you bubbles =)

But yeah, pretty great sales for Yakuza 3. A small boost for PS3 hardware. I expected more.

mindedone3635d ago

I wonder how many of these people with Xbox360s in Japan ALREADY have a PS3?

Danja3635d ago

good number for Yakuza..but i was also hoping for a bigger increase in Hardware sales...

tidus0073635d ago

It is a DEAD CONSOLE that gets outsold by ps3 10:1 every week

MS should learn from their demise in europe too. Apparently PS3 has overtaken x360 in europe too. By the launch of GTA 4 ps3 will have 2x the userbase as x360 in europe since 60% of x360s have already been traded in for PS3/wii in europe

Aaron_V6673635d ago

Sony really need to do something in Japan and fast. they have recovered so well in Europe and USA but are still failing in Japan. Mind you there is hope and that is that the psp was getting outsold terribly by the ds, but after the release of the slim and some Japan-Centric games the psp is outselling it and is now the best selling console in japan at the moment.
I think the ps3 will have a similar revival but Sony really need to pull there finger out in Japan as that is where most of the greatest games come from.

pwnsause3635d ago (Edited 3635d ago )

there is a remedy for that, its MGS4 that will keep it about 40,000 a week in the long term, and a decent price cut that can compete with the Wii for the short term, they dont need to compete with the 360 in Japan, just look at the sales for that console.

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