Getting the disc out of the box without snapping it voted scariest gaming moment this gen

As the current generation of consoles draws to a close, gamers have voted getting the disc out the box without snapping it the single most terrifying moment of the last 7 years.

Despite tough competition from well-known horror franchises including Resident Evil, Dead Space and Silent Hill, the act of actually removing a modern video game from the clutches of its plastic case has nevertheless been deemed infinitely more scary than anything likely to be contained on the disc itself.

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Snookies122080d ago

Hahaha, yeah... I've had moments like that on some games. Especially movies this generation though. I was trying to get my friend's Back to the Future Blu-ray out of his box, and it just would NOT come out. I kept bending it and bending it every time I tried. He's all, "Oh just pull it on out". I was scared as hell it would snap... -_-

iGAM3R-VIII2080d ago

lol I had one of those moments as well. I think the pic is a little exageratting though because I push that clip down so hard that the disc wouldn't be stuck still, I make sure none of my discs will break

crxss2080d ago

much easier on ps3 cases than 360. 360 cases don't seem to have any sort of standard either. there are some easy 360 cases, and some unnecessarily difficult ones.

Dee_912079d ago

did that push down thing to my gt5 and it broke.Luckily they are only $15 now :)
and the crack is so tiny and not even completely cracked and it still doesnt work.
but ps2/ og xbox
i broke atleast 5 of my friends games lol

Bathyj2080d ago

Ha, so its not just me.

Seriously, I've just stared at these covers sometimes and thought, how did this thing go through a design process, and product testing, its probably been through a couple dozen hands, and no one just said out loud, hey, this thing sucks, cant we just make it easier to remove?

BlmThug2080d ago

Mine would have to be when I used to remove/insert a game from my 360 in it's upright position. Used to s*** myself on whether it would fall from the disc tray and get scratched. Now my fear is with the PS3. It's a phat model so touch button for the eject icon

fr0sty2080d ago

Blu-Ray discs are far more rigid than a DVD, and also are scratch resistant, so I haven't had that many of these scares this generation.

LackTrue4K2080d ago

regardless, the day i got Metal Gear Solid 4 I almost broke it!!!
i was just soooo eager to get the game out! lol...


Well, they may be more resistant but it sure as hell wouldn't save me the fear of breaking a disc in half when the box just won't let it go of my game!

For my KZ3 copy I ended up switching boxes with Super Street Fighter IV which I barely ever play anymore. The original box simply wouldn't let the game out easily, don't matter how many times or how hard I pressed, after a month of constantly using it (and I hardly ever let games inside my console after I'm done playing so the box itself was actually being used) I gave up "softening" it and just switched the covers... And the worst part is I don't even know what the problem is, I have other boxes with the exact same design and their discs come out easily.

joab7772080d ago

My worst moment was turning on xbox to hear the worst sound gta4 disc being scratched to hell. I turned it off as fast as possible but it was too late...gamestop actually just gav me a new one...yeah!

nukeitall2080d ago

Yeah, totally! Taking the game out of the case is nerve wracking sometimes. Usually it then goes into a sleeve, and never back into the case.

Blaze9292079d ago

this was a problem very early on for 360 games. You took that bad boy out the wrong way and got that small crack in the inner circle - game over....before it even started

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Chuk52080d ago

Yeah, truly a feat of fear. When I was taking Infinite out of its case, I was sure it was gonna snap. Who designs cases like this?

Hellsvacancy2079d ago

I cant believe im reading comments on how gamers have been defeating......taking a game out of a box, no wonder most struggle with Demon Souls

Ive never once had trouble removing a disk from a box, you just push the little button thing, tip the case upside down, out the disk drops down onto your hand

digitalscrutiny2080d ago

The fact taking a game out a case is scarier than actually playing a game says something about the fate of survival horror this gen.

Snookies122080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

Very true, though we do have some promising ones on the horizon. Darkwood, Daylight, and Outlast all look very interesting. I sure miss the days when Resident Evil was scary...

TedCruzsTaint2080d ago

Real survival horror as almost entirely moved to PC at this point.

nukeitall2080d ago

I don't know, but Bioshock was scary as heck!

However, I don't play too many survival horror games, so I'm ont desensitized to it. You do that enough and nothing will scare you.

If you don't play games, a guy popping out could scare you. Just sayin! :D

WolfLeBlack2080d ago

What's scarier is that we can send people to the moon, create devastating weapons, see far into the reaches of space and communicate vast amounts of information across the planet in a mere second, yet we still can't make decent DVD cases.

Seriously, why don't all companies use the nice and easy push-button?

As for Steelbooks. God damn they're so pretty, but I'm always scared to put my discs back in them in case I never get them out intact again. That's what happened to my Gears of War 2 disc - the steelbook system destroyed it. R.I.P.

SilentNegotiator2080d ago (Edited 2080d ago )

" Seriously, why don't all companies use the nice and easy push-button? "

I have to guess patents, assuming that there's any half-sensible explanation.

Jek_Porkins2080d ago

The new eco-friendly Xbox 360 cases are the worst, I've broken around 3-4 games by putting games back and taking them out, mostly COD games.

Swiggins2080d ago

Yikes man, that's gotta suck.

I miss the old cartridge days, those little things were damn near invincible....unless they were your friends or the video stores...then they broke like clockwork T.T

Bathyj2080d ago

Someone threw my Lylat Wars (Starfox64) cartridge in the pool and it sat there overnight. Got it out the next day and let it dry out for about a week and it was still good. :)

Of course, I had to blow the connection a bit to get it to go, but that was normal.

aLucidMind2080d ago

That's something to live by; want it to do what it's supposed to? Just blow it =p

DarthBigE2080d ago

One time couldnt get sonic to work on my cousins sega...dropped it on floor...tried again worked! day couldnt get it to work...drop on floor on purpose..worked...ever since then we dropped it on the floor before even trying to play it. lol...good times good times.

Hicken2080d ago (Edited 2079d ago )

Keep that in mind the next time someone's asking why the 360 has such a high software sales rate, if there are so many RROD systems out there.(There's also the issue of the systems scratching discs quite easily and often frequently, but that's not quite relevant.)

Yeah, I know, I didn't have to go there.

But I did, and I'm not taking it back.

Working at Gamestop, I ran into PLENTY of 360 cases that had no desire to relinquish the game they held. The Wii and PS3 cases were much more amicable. It wasn't ALL cases, though; might not even have been MOST. But there WERE a lot of them: many times, people would try to trade in a game that had been cracked in the center just trying to get it out of the case.

Never could figure out why some cases were like that, while others weren't.

Edit: I think you have trouble reading. Not once did I say the 360 broke a disc. But they DO scratch them with a nice ring that makes them unplayable. Seen it literally thousands of times. The broken disc, thing, however, is something few with a Wii or PS3 have had to deal with, especially relative to their 360 counterparts.

So what if you never had RROD? Does that negate all the other people who HAVE? All the people who'd had it happen multiple times? All the folks who bought another system WITH THEIR OWN MONEY when their consoles died? Hell, I never had RROD either, and know people whose systems have never failed. I'm basing what I said on the experiences of others: if you like, call up any Gamestop, ask any employee how many scratched 360 discs they defect out a week, how many that are cracked from the cases. Ask em if the other consoles' games are damaged on nearly as frequently a basis.

Last but not least, WHERE did I defend or pump up Sony? I didn't even put down Microsoft, let alone defend or praise anybody else. You're just so quick to defend Microsoft that you have no desire to even accept what I've said is true, and it IS true.

Jek_Porkins2079d ago

I think your gunning for Strongman's title of worst troll.

I own 256 Xbox 360 games, owned a 360 since launch, never had RROD, bought a new 360 when the 360s was introduced and still haven't had any issues. I had a few disks break, sent them in and were replaced, they broke because of the cases, not my Xbox 360. Not sure if people were kicking over their consoles or something, but my games are all in new condition and very well taken care of.

Any type of case can present issues if you aren't careful, I get that your first instinct is to defend and pump up your Sony saviors, but they aren't without flaws and issues.

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