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Eamon1846d ago

Really sad. I do hope our petitioning and pressure can get Konami and Kojima to change their minds.

David Hayter gave up half of his salary to get the original voice actors of MGS1 to return in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

NastyLeftHook01846d ago

Yep. taking out david was like taking out bruce willis from die hard. exept they never took out bruce. hint: dont take out david!~

Xaphy1846d ago

last die hard sucked though

Pillsbury11846d ago

They should hAve ended it on live free or die hard. He shot through himself to kill the bad guy!

Tony-Red-Grave1846d ago

quite frankly BB is better voiced by Doyle and Otsuka than by Hayter. Aside from that it's just straight up weird to hear snake basically talk to himself.

silverbeld1846d ago

Maybe it's 1 April joke.

He does signed on 1 april.

Larry L1846d ago

Personally I think you're all being duped just like I knew you were all being duped with the whole "Phantom Pain isn't the next MGS game" and "Jaokim isn't Kojima, I swear" things.

You think it's coincidence this was written on April 1st? I don't believe in coincidence. As far as I'm concerned this is just confirmation that David Hayter will be once again reprising his role(s) based on how they've been marketing this game thus far. And how they've been doing that is with the opposite of the truth.

Dir_en_grey1846d ago

Well, it's good that Konami didn't tell Hayter why they didn't need him for this game, or else he'd probably be tweeting it now and spoiling the story.

DragonKnight1846d ago

@Larry L: Except Hayter has been talking about how he won't be a part of MGS5 for awhile now. Remember the Tweet where he asked fans if they'd want to see him in the game or not? The likelihood of it being an April Fools joke is slim.

Gaming1011846d ago

I'm with David Hayter on this one. I'll feel a bit sick to hear anyone other than him voicing snake. If it's not Richard Doyle I'll be extremely pissed. Hayter is not Metal Gear, but Hayter IS Snake. They already tried MGS without Snake on MGS2, and it was shite playing as Raiden compared to Snake.

Ritsujun1846d ago

DH's acting more and more like that JB sissy.

NukaCola1846d ago

Yeah, Die Hard 4 wasnt even a die hard flick, it was some book they put Mclane into and it wasn't Die Hard. Never saw the last one. I think I trust Kojima, but it hurts a little.

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Tultras1846d ago

Loved the games, specially die hard 3..

Can anyone remember the catch phrase which was most used in the game???

Braid1846d ago

Assumimg that it was not a typo, would that be Die Hard Trilogy for SEGA Saturn/Playstation? If that's the case, "yippee-ki-yay!" is what you're looking for.

On topic: The new voice sounds good enough, if the character was Solid I'd have a real problem with it, but it's Big Boss, and as he was voiced by Doyle in the fourth installment we already know that his voice wil naturallyl change as he gets older. The Ground Zeroes part though, is still problematic. I wish they could get Hayter back for the GZ part, and let the new actor do his job on the Phantom Pain part. That'd be my perfect solution.

Tultras1845d ago

Yeah, I meant the Trilogy.

I meant that but thought it was die hard 3, lol.

Been a long time since I played that. ;)

MariaHelFutura1846d ago

David Hayter and Hideo Kojima are trolling all MGS fans hard. Him saying this on April 1st makes it pretty clear. When it comes to info that seems out of place.... dont trust these people, I thought people would have figured it out by now.

thesummerofgeorge1846d ago

I agree. Right down to Hayter saying he sat down to lunch with someone 'involved in the production' who said he wouldn't be needed, without any explanation as to why. I have a hard time believing they would get together for lunch specifically to discuss the matter, only to say "you're out", with no explanation whatsoever, and leave it at that. Not only would that be weird, but disrespectful to Hayter, who's been Solid Snake for 15 years.

J_Cob1846d ago

I learned my lesson with MGS2. Kojima will not fool me again.

god_o_war1845d ago

i have the same feeling. He loves trolling keeps the wait more interesting :)

WUTCHUGUNNADO1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Easy solution for you guys... if you don't like the fact that Hayter isn't going to be in MGS5 then don't buy MGS5. I'm sure the lack of sales will knock some sense into them.

hkgamer1846d ago

I don't like the fact that Hayter won't reprise his role as snake in the new MGS. But to be honest, it won't stop me from playing the game.

I still think Kojima should have tried to see if hayter could have changed his voice a little to suit the new Big Boss.

Does anyone know if the japanese version of big boss have the same voice style as all the other games? I know they got the same voice actor but has he done anything different with the voice?

Root1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Such a shame

Kojima is such a douche...sorry but it has to be said. The problem is Kojima has become such a "icon" in the gaming industry that whatever he says is automatically gold, he could create a crap game and it would get good reviews.

If he's not trolling us he's basicaly done this for nothing

1) The Japanese voice actor for Snake is still returning

2) Kojima talked about "recreating the MGS" franchise yet thats his reason for leaving David out.....if that was the case thats something you would say if you were rebooting the series.

3) He said that this time it's his last MGS game (I know he's said it before) but if it was why get rid of him. You may aswell include him

I really don't think MGSV should of been another prequel. If he wanted to do a sequel he should of found a way to bring Solid Snake back....someway.

hkgamer1846d ago

yeah it is a shame, kojima wanted a new vision thus leaving hayter out but keeping otsuka.

He said this would be his last MGS game. He didn't say it would be the last one though, its a series he knows Konami/Kojima Productions will never let go. I am guessing he will take a ligher role like he did for portable ops.

MGS doesn't need a sequel, 4 was the perfect ending to the series. Wrapped up almost everything and Solid Snakes journey is over and he can finally rest.

However, the problem with the prequels is that it makes BB so awesome that SS is overshadowed.

TheXonySbox1846d ago

voice actors dont make video games.
Gameplay and story does.

TheXonySbox1846d ago

If you disagree you are clearly delusional fanboys. Get real. Lighten up. Seriously, lol!

awesomeperson1846d ago

Voice actors contribute to both the story and the gameplay in my opinion. It would be completely offputting to have a character who is in no way matched by a voice actor. Thus not having a fitting voice actor would negatively affect how you perceive the story, and to some lesser extent also the gameplay (as voice actors do speak during generally play).

Mainman1846d ago

I like David Hayter. But Snake sounded really awesome in the trailer as well though. I wanna give the new actor a chance.

FriedGoat1846d ago

That wasn't snake talking in the trailer, it was the bandages guy.

KwietStorm1846d ago

What trailer did you hear Snake in? Are you talking about Keifer Sutherland? Or at least the guy who sounds like Keifer Sutherland?

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jcnba281846d ago

Yeah man I totally know how you feel...

First world problems.

DeadlyFire1846d ago

Why am I reading this on April 1st? I feel like its another mind game.

Snake isn't in this game well as an adult. So I expect Hayter's voice isn't really required as in MGS 4 they felt an older Big Boss would have a different voice likely that is why he is not in this game. Still won't be bad though we know Kojima will do it right.

Donnieboi1845d ago


-Disrespects Hayter by not telling him to his face that he doesn't want him back for MGS V.
-Cancels MGO2, knowing it may take 2-3 years until we ever get another one. Doesn't care, gives it to an AMERICAN (-_-) dev team that he whips up out of nowhere to make the sequel, even though they may not have ever played any of the past MGO games).
-Trolls us with that Jaokim nonsense which was anticlamactic feeling when he finally revealed that TTP was MGS V.

I love Kojima, but lately i'm getting annoyed.

sengoku1845d ago

meww i'm used to hideo kojima always trying to kill off the metal gear series.

it never takes him long to shoot out an eye, saw off a arm death by old age or letting a completely unknown take the lead role.

lets face it's always been this way with him.
peace walker is the only exception in which the lead character gets away to fight another day without been blinded or chopped up (odd really)

i have loved an hated every thing he has ever done to the series and i will buy this next installment on day one whatever he does.
because to me he is just great at creating very good games. love the series and it's always been worth every penny i spent on it.

wish david the best and i wont be surprised that we will see him again..

DanielForth1845d ago

I bet this is All just an elaborate Troll, Hayter Not returning? this Game seems to be delivered or marketed in Parts, One Has to ask themselves So he's Not returning for this Part but what about the other... So hes not in the Prologue? so what.. ?

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GrieverSoul1846d ago

I still cant get over the fact that this guy´s voice aint gonna be on MGS:5.

I feel this is a giant troll from Kojima and Hayter.
Adding the fact that he posts this on 1st of April... I dont know...

Batzi1846d ago

Yes but he wrote this on April 1st..

e-p-ayeaH1846d ago

yeah we can still hope xD

zerocrossing1846d ago

Everyone should note that it's April 1st (AKA April fools day) Im not saying theirs definite foolery afoot but it seems kinds odd don't ya think?

Eamon1846d ago

The man himself has said this is no April Fools.

hiptanaka1846d ago

Maybe him saying it isn't an April Fool's joke is an April Fool's joke itself?

vazurahan1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

But then he suddenly deleted the tweet. It's like Konami saying, "Hey! You two (HK & DH) are going overboard!!!"

ziggurcat1846d ago

except info on hayter not being in mgs5 has been out for a while now... so i doubt it's an april fools joke.

Batzi1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Many pranks had started prior to April 1st only to be revealed later that they were jokes on that day. Sometimes, realism(to convince someone) requires more than a day to achieve :P

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