IGN's Section 8 First Look

IGN writes: "If you want to make a name for yourself in the console sector of the gaming market -- especially the Xbox 360 portion -- then you pretty much have to make a first-person shooter that's worth more than the weight of its polycarbonate plastic (Ed's note: that's the material used to make DVDs)".

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i Shank u3728d ago

"These ships also provide the means for the inventive respawning technique used in Section 8. Rather than having players materialize from thin air in a base or at one of the capture points TimeGate is employing a new system called "burning in." When players die they'll have to wait for a certain amount of time before one of the orbiting ships can send in reinforcements. At that time you're presented with a first-person view of your heavily armored soldier blasting through the atmosphere and hurling towards the ground below. The entire map is visible as you start your descent with the ground coming more into view as you descend. You'll need to time a burst of your jetpack to brace your fall or you'll slam onto the field of battle thus removing your shields for a time."

that is ONE helluva respawn technique! cool sounding game overall