PlayStation Store Preview – April 2nd, 2013: Defiance Among Thieves

PSLS: This week, the PlayStation 3 gets a decent update with a demo for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a couple day one digital PS3 titles being made available on PSN. But above all, make sure you check out the PlayStation Vita section for what could very well be a game changer for the PlayStation Vita, and turn around the system’s sales woes for good.

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CaptainSheep2081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

I got tricked again. x____x I hate April Fools.
Anyway, April has started. What are the PS+ members getting this month? Has the content been announced?

Xaphy2081d ago

im still waiting as well. They announced the EU content 10 days ago and nothing yet for US.

Heisenburger2081d ago

If you aren't satisfied then simply do not renew your subscription.

However, if you ARE satisfied please stop complaining.

Hedstrom2081d ago

Heisenburger: What did he complain about?


Demon's Souls, Malicious, SOULCALIBUR: Broken Destiny, Labyrinth Legends and Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge

Xaphy2081d ago

so eu gets zero escape and we get a psp game? Are you freaking kidding me?

TrendyGamers2081d ago

Injustice demo and whatever replaces Spec Ops in PS+ for me.

Robotronfiend2081d ago

Too bad the Injustice Demo won't let you sample the quality of online play. That is what ruined MK9 and the MK trilogy. That company has a poor track record when it comes to online play, which is usually important for a fighting game these days. Forget about the parts where Green Arrow punches Superman through a wall...

Wedge192081d ago (Edited 2081d ago )

April is looking like a fairly slow month comparatively. Except that Vita. Man, never seen a more full lineup.

knifefight2081d ago

Worldwide, April is a pretty slow month for sales. That's why there are fewer games launched at that time. Publishers like to send things out when people are ready to spend spend spend. If they don't they risk their product being "Ewz, oldz" by the time Johnny Fickle Consumer sees it on the shelf. It shouldn't work that way, but it does and here we are :(

alexcosborn2081d ago


Not a fan of fighters, but this looks cool.

Losyak2081d ago

Damn you, PSLS! I should've known better...

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The story is too old to be commented.