Gamer Girl of the Month: Miss Zelda’s Gamer Girl of the Month of April is the lovely Miss Zelda! Mistress Zelda is a Cosplayer, model and massage therapist with a passion for gaming. She is a huge fan of The Legend of Zelda series and even has tattoos to prove it! Shes been gaming for over 20 years and has work as a video game tester for a few companies. Interested in learning more about Zelda? Read our exclusive interview below:

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SheaHoff1910d ago

She's got some cool cosplay!

Brash_Attack1910d ago

While I have nothing against tattoos and nothing against costumes, I just feel like if you're going to be a dedicated cosplayer, tattoos should maybe get a second thought. They sort of take away from the immersion of the costume.

punisher991910d ago

She is great and well deserving of the title "gamer girl of the month". But click the link and check out this girl. She is a very entertaining gamer girl.

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