Square Enix Celebrates Exactly 10 Years, Big News Coming?

PSXtreme: Yes, believe it or not, it was exactly ten years ago today that Squaresoft merged with Enix and became Square Enix.

...and the long-time Final Fantasy faithful still hope the entire debacle is just one long April Fool's prank. Maybe they'll soon just go, "Gotcha!" and announce a Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4, along with Final Fantasy XV that's actually a traditional FF installment.

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Hellsvacancy1909d ago

Big news? Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns......Again

GrieverSoul1909d ago

Squaresoft announces their greatest April Fool´s joke ever!

"It lasted 10 years but now we are back!" - Squaresoft

blitz06231909d ago

What is there to celebrate in the first place?

gaffyh1909d ago

@blitz - Wada getting kicked out of the CEO position. Now that is worth celebrating.

adorie1908d ago

LMFAO! With Wada out, I'm fairly certain Square Enix can get back on track and reacquaint themselves with their fanbase.

Ranma11909d ago

They should announce how they plan on redeeming themsleves.

They should also change their name to Squaresoft if they plan on redeeming themselves

camel_toad1908d ago

I remember the good times before they merged. Squaresoft made great rpgs and Enix made great rpgs.

*sound of toilet flushing*

MaideninBlack1909d ago

Two more Kingdom Hearts games. One for console(s), one for handheld(s). ;)

Godmars2901909d ago

"Maybe they'll soon just go, "Gotcha!" and announce a Final Fantasy VII remake for PS4,"

Or better yet move on from a past they've exploited rather than build on.

pompombrum1909d ago

Better news than Wada leaving? Unlikely.

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The story is too old to be commented.