Watch the Battlefield 4 trailer at 60FPS

Last week's GDC Battlefield 4 demo looked pretty spectacular, even when viewed via heavily compressed streaming video, so when we acquired a high-bitrate 1080p version of the trailer running at the full 60 frames per second, we knew we had to share it with you. The only problem: actually getting the footage to run smoothly on a webpage.

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YoungPlex1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Wow, I'm hoping that the PS4 will be able to render this at 1080p maintaining it at 60fps, but if it doesn't I'll definitely be upgrading to a next-gen PC as well! Epic in 1080p/60fps!!!

resi51846d ago

its been confirmed that it will do so it will almost be on par with current pc versions

thechosenone1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

DICE hasn't offered up anything info about resolution/fps for consoles and for the record, [email protected] is nothing to sneeze at.

Kevin ButIer1846d ago

We prefer 720 @ 60 fps over 1080 @ 30 fps right?

Anyway PS4 should be able to play BF4 1080 60 fps anyday, no excuse IMO...

M-M1846d ago

I think DICE is going for 1080p 30FPS, and 720p 60FPS for consoles. I doubt they would do that though, because people would complain about people playing in 720p have the advantage =P.

thechosenone1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

my bad for current gen hardware it'll be the same as BF3 but for next-gen things are still up in the air...the rumors claim BF4's MP will run at 720/60fps, the SP however could run at 1080/30fps which I don't think too many people would mind...
60fps is critical for FPS MP and if DICE wants to take on COD next gen then that's the target they need to hit.

Nick_5151846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

1080p/60fps shouldn't be a problem for the PS4. It could just be DICE trying to squeeze out more visuals, though, but hopefully we don't see anything in 720p from here on out. If a dev decides to go with 1080p/30fps, fine. Just as long as it works out design wise. But, a dev deciding to go with 720p just so they can get 60fps is bad happening on next gen consoles. They either need to optimize or stop shooting for visuals that they can't reach, but let's be honest, that shouldn't be a problem.

Edit: Okay, watching the video, I'm probably 30 seconds in, but already I can tell that if the PS4 isn't in 1080p and 60fps, I'm gonna be upset. It looks really good. I'm gonna download the video and see what it really looks like. :)

Kevin ButIer1846d ago

Ok, after watching the video I must say... 60 fps or GTFO lol

Autodidactdystopia1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Can anyone just trust me by now? look at my previous comments and their fallacy/truth ratio.

Look at my youtube Autodidactdystopia.

I do this "SHI..sTuff" for a living.

Heres what I have to say. The ps4 will not be 60 if at 1080, I promise you this.
but if lower say 1440 it could probably do it.

the bf4 demo was showcased on 2 7990s. if you look at titan, which nvidia says is 3x more powerful than the amd gpu in ps4; and you consider the fact that amd is calling the 7990 the "worlds fastest single card gpu" (although that means 2 gpus on a single pcb which are no match for nvidia's chips {honestly}..... um well that concept is based on the fact that ati comes out with a dual chip gpu to compete with nvidas singles on almost a genreational basis. and every time the ATI gpu is faster than nvidia's. (although due to what i would call cheating.)


given that nvidia is shitting bricks at the moment ill give them 2x the speed of the ps4's gpu.

from my personal yet well documented (on the web) {reviews etc for cards} ati's new 7990 will be slightly faster than the titan. slightly.

the fact that the demo ran on two of them means its a beast to pull off that level of dynamism in game.

to be short 2 7990s are faster than 1 titan by a lot and if a titan is at least 2x faster than the ps4 gpu then.... well

No I promise you if bf4 is 1080 on ps4 then the game will not run 60fps UNLESS, severe graphical shortcuts are made.

If you dont mind graphical shortcuts then this is no issue.

but at its current state, and even beta/gold

bf4 will not run 60fps at what is considered an "ULTRA" setting.

if you really care you can check out my experience via my comment history and or my yt channel.

don't get ahead of yourselves. as the ps3 and the promises that it brought took the entire generation to finally die, due to extreme yet blind support by unwitting followers of the sony brand..

msoft is just as bad.

I really sincerely do know my sh....stuff. just a little research will show you that. anyhow goodnight fellas.

dont slaughter the messenger. ;P

edit: but my lord do the last few seconds of that trailer look gorgeous or what?

REDGUM1845d ago

I was under the impression that the ps4 version will run at 720p @ 60FPS.
I've read up abit on this epic game franchise.
I could be wrong though.

Reguardless, i'll be picking it up day one.

Game on guys!

BitbyDeath1845d ago

PS4 version hasn't been announced yet.
Only PC, PS3 and 360.

SlapHappyJesus1845d ago

Dice hasn't confirmed any of the sort. As far as we know right now, the game is running at 720p and they are trying to push for 1080p.
As for the overall graphical fidelity of the game, well, nothing has been confirmed for that either.

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neoandrew1846d ago

Actually, if ps4 has 1080p 30 fps it would be still very good.

Lior1846d ago

This is what u are missing out console players so stop bitchin saying 60fps doesn't matter and damage controlling every fps out on ps3/xbox

KONAAs1846d ago Show
ABizzel11846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )


It's possible, but it won't look like that trailer because they'll have to make so sacrifices in quality (it'll look great still, just not apples apples).

The PS4 is theoretically on par with the HD 7850 & HD 7950m (although around 10% better).

Those GPU's can only run BF3 in 1080p @ 35fps on Ultra with 4xMSAA.

Now the PS4 is a dedicated gaming platform and it has much faster RAM so it should see a few more FPS than those PC's maybe 40fps.

There are 2 ways to get 60fps from BF4 on PS4.

1. Use FXAA instead of MSAA, and do some console optimizations. (Slight Blur)
(7850 1080p @ 50fps on Ultra FXAA)

2. Drop the resolution to 1680x1550 (imo 900p) and 2xMSAA (Sharp image)
(7850 900p @ 55fps on High 2xMSAA)

papashango1845d ago

I'm with you on 900p. No fps gamer should want to settle at 30 fps. Cut out AA altogether to achieve 60 imo

Killjoy30001845d ago

How do you download this video directly from the PS3 browser? It won't let me -_-

cellmember1844d ago

@Autodidactdystopia also the games was running at 3k resolution. that is something to factor into it and titan is at least 3x more powerful than the ps4 gpu

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Rearden1846d ago

OMG the loading times could not be any slower on Eurogamer. Here's a direct download link for the video:!YdoHED...

Somebody upload it to YouTube or something...

Nitrowolf21846d ago

eh Youtube encodes it to 29FPS though I think

iRocket1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Darn, that looked gorgeous at 60 FPS. I totally need to upgrade my PC to get that eye-candy out of the game!

KONAAs1846d ago

upgrade a monitor also if u really whant the best, get a 4k tv, ha no one will they are $20,000 or more, thats what i taught


So many minute details are noticeable when the frame rate isn't cut in half. The bounce in the cloths is much more apparent now.

RE_L_MAYER1846d ago

I record videos on gopro and to be honest there isnt much difference between 720 and 1080 so 720 is still acceptable as for 60 frames it does make a difference compare to 30 on videos so hopefully fps cap will raise up

SideShort1846d ago

Well, for PC elitists... the difference in 720 and 1080 is a matter of LIFE AND THE F***IN TORTURE OF THE GODS BEYOND TILL DEATH'S GRACE RELEASES US FROM THIS 720p HELL.

Pandamobile1846d ago

Dude, 720p looks like complete ass if you're used to 1080p.

JAMurida1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

lmao, I actually laughed a while to that one.

I downloaded the 1080p/60fps version and booted it up on my PS3 to watch on my HDTV to see what it would be like, looks pretty dam good. When it comes down to it though, all I care about is if it's fun or not. MAG is like PS2 HD graphics, 20-25 fps but I still play it to this day over every other shooter because it's fun. Hopefully BF4 will take it's spot...

specialguest1845d ago

Most console only players have little to no real world visual concept of how much clearer, sharper, and better 1080p is to 720p. There's a big difference when we're comparing AAA level games.

What i found hilarious is that these console fanboys(specifically one particular console fanboys) were bashing the hell out of the Wii U for still running games at 720p, and now? Lol suddenly 720p is acceptable and 1080p doesn't seem to matter much.

In the near future when they finally play real games in 1080p, they'll. Be blown away and talk about how amazing it is when its actually pretty standard for the past several years.

SideShort1845d ago

Well, ignorance is bliss.

& Crysis 2 bored the sh*t out of me on ultra settings. LOL.

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Eyesoftheraven1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

haha! Now I'm not going to sit here and type in depth on technically why, but generally speaking, you don't notice a difference on the GoPro because the GoPro sensor is tiny. Also, the compression on those things is terrible. Same with Digital SLRs, except they at least have large sensors. If you had a chance to see RAW 4:4:4 ARRI Alexa footage at 720p vs 1080p you'd very clearly see a difference, no pun intended. This is also true if not especially true for video games.

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