Interim EA executive gets $1.03 million salary

Executive chairman Larry Probst receives seven-figure compensation while publisher searches for John Riccitiello replacement.

Electronic Arts will pay executive chairman Larry Probst an annual salary of $1.03 million while the Battlefield and FIFA publisher seeks a replacement for John Riccitiello, who resigned as CEO last month.

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The_Infected1638d ago

Now there's were your money goes when you buy an EA game lol

_-EDMIX-_1637d ago

Yup....and pretty much every other game you buy from retail.

Seraphim1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

and every box of cereal, can of soda, ridiculous cell phone bills, interest dollars on your credit card, etc. Executives MAKE BIG bucks. Quite frankly, a company like EA and it's annual cash cows I'm surprised it's only 1 million....

James Dimon, Executive of JP Morgan & Chase, 41.99 Million. Irene B Rosenfeld, Kraft Foods, 25.37 Million. John F Brock, Coca Cola, 21.18 Million. Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidea, 15.44 Million. J Paul Raines, Gamestop, 4.4 Million. That doesn't even include stock options & other perks they often receive. Source: Forbes

Prcko1638d ago

there is my money

SKUD1638d ago

Sounds cheap compared to the money they spend making bad games.

GABRIEL10301638d ago

This is the reason that games are very expensive and the also because Battlefield 4 is a copy/paste of B3, they dont want expend money in researching and development only in cover their expensive salaries. =(

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The story is too old to be commented.