Inside the PlayStation 4 with Mark Cerny

GamaSutra - Mark Cerny originally began to think about designing the PlayStation 4 in 2007. Over Thanksgiving weekend, a mere year after the PlayStation 3 was released, he began to read technical documents about the X86 processor -- the processor that ended up going into the system that was unveiled this past February, by Cerny, in New York City.

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raytraceme1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I have so much respect for this guy. Very calm, not arrogent, says the right stuff and he was part of making my favorite childhood game Crash Bandicoot. The senior architect of the ps4 and developer of Knack I am super hyped for the ps4.

IcyEyes1754d ago

I totally agree with you.

Septic1754d ago

He's precisely what Sony needed and a far cry from what came before. He had the foresight as far back as 2007 to go around being proactive and get first hand testimonies of those at the forefront of this industry. Kudos goes to Sony for recognising his passion and letting him take the reins.

"I probably have more passion about the next generation than anybody inside the Sony Computer Entertainment world."

And that is why the success of the PS4 is ensured. As long as you have someone with that kind of passion as well as obvious talent in charge, you have a master in the field. Here's to a very bright future for the PS4.

IcyEyes1754d ago

You are right and I hope people realize that kind of passion come from a creative guy. From someone who spent his life to create games.

This guys know what is the most important thing we need : games.

That's why the Ps4 already look awesome, because talk about games.

DragonKnight1754d ago

Don't forget Kaz though. He said that he was going to bring in actual developers to get their input for the PS4 and obviously he chose the right guy as the overall lead man for PS4 development. A team of Kaz and Cerny spells great things for Sony's future in the gaming industry.

darthv721754d ago

with Sony's approach to this new platform and what Ms did with the 360. essentially listening to the developers to build the system made for 'them'.

Making it easy to code for and with the balance of power to be flexible with whatever they feel is the direction they want to take it. It was the right move for sony to make.

in the years following the PS1, sony used to go on record as saying they didnt want to make a system that was easy but one that would challenge the creative minds behind the games being released for it.

So it is a nice change of pace for them to make the PS4 much more developer friendly. An architecture that is so similar to other PC development can lead to a quicker turn around for games to be made/released.

Im not saying the more complex system sony generally took was all bad. It just meant there was a longer learning curve. this time we will more than likely see great games churned out on a much quicker basis.

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MikeMyers1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

It's actually nice to see a non-domestic person create a device that is much more open and easier to work on. For far too long Sony has made systems way too proprietary with an Eastern philosophy rich in culture and too stubborn to change its ways by letting engineers rule the roost which elevated manufacturing costs way too high.

This is why there is so much praise from developers who are working on it. It is way easier while still being very powerful.

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Muerte24941754d ago

they took a western approach to the ps4. Crash Bandicoot was one of my favorite titles back on the ps1. I actually didn't know that he was the guy. Now that I do, I'll be paying closer attention the KNACK.

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pete0071754d ago ShowReplies(4)
abzdine1754d ago

i think it's great to go close to developers and ask them what they want, it could make things much easier in the short and long run.

but the killer app for me on PS4 is undoubtly GAIKAI. That thing cannot be topped by anybody in the industry.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

I really like Mark Cerny. He seems very smart and his work on putting the PS4 hardware together was great. Also his game Knack looked really good to me. He said developers wanted "unified" memory so he put 8Gb GDDR5 unified memory in PS4. He listens well and did what Developers wanted most. That earns a tremendous amount of respect right there.

Cryptcuzz1753d ago

I agree all the way.

Mark Cerny is a true visionary and one I am glad in charge of designing the PS4.

One day, all will remember him as the one that took PlayStation back to the top. Just as Ken Kutaragi is known as the father of creating a gaming empire, Mark Cerny will be known as the father that lead its followers home. -Back on top.

TemplarDante1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Mark Cerny, what a great guy to be system architect!
Love the new philosophy and energy of the new system.
And looking at Sonys stocks, so do the investers.

Dec 2012 trading at just over 8$.
April 2013 at $17.40

Clover9041754d ago

Such a huge jump in a very short time. Well done Sony.

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