Here’s a graph of every choice in The Walking Dead: Season 1 (image)

VB - If you're curious about the paths that you didn't take in The Walking Dead, but not enough to play the game again, we have you covered.

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illegalyouth1850d ago

So, the story is a line that becomes two lines, then merges back into one line, then two again, then one finally. Yeah ...

JeffGrubb1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

It's amazing how organic and open it feels despite this linearity.

Sharius1850d ago

i knew it, i alway hate that b*tch Lily and her crazy father, so i help to kill her father and...... when that crazy b*tch shoot Carley i abadon her immediately

tell you the truth i feel really good when see that B being chase by zombie

Zechs341850d ago

a lot of spoilers in that comment man...

SeraphimBlade1850d ago

Couldn't help but notice those question marks at the end of that fork in episode 5... interesting...

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