World of Warcraft Movie is Coming, Kit Harington Will Play Arthas

The World of Warcraft Movie has gone farther since Donna Jones took the position of director. And today Blizzard and Legendary made an announcement revealed several information of the process including the actors, locations, music and the scenario which was once under wraps. The movie is confirmed to release on August 2015 as former news stated.

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Septic1879d ago

Who will play Leroy Jenkins?

Septic1877d ago

Aite, time's up, lets do this

Lllleeeeeeeeeeeeerooooooooy.. ........

OptimisticPrime1878d ago

It's too bad this is an April fools joke cause that castlist is pretty kickass...

pompombrum1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

I could definitely see him as Arthas but really, he's John Snow, getting someone from such a famous show playing another iconic character seems like a really bad idea.

Edit: April fools jokes urrrgg.. they should rename April 1st as stay the fudge away from the internet day.

kostchtchie_1878d ago

would rather have animated movie like the cut scenes than real people :/

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