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Submitted by Chrono 973d ago | opinion piece

Is Nintendo Giving Up on Wii U?

After the massive success of the original Wii, Nintendo was expected to develop a popular successor. Thus far, the company has failed. Despite the sales declines, Nintendo execs had vehemently fought against the prospect of developing software for smartphones. PC downloads were also off the table. (Industry, Nintendo, Wii U)

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discordman  +   973d ago | Well said
It's been five months. The console and gaming dedicated platforms are not involved in any race with the iPhone. The 3DS pulled itself out of the bottom and is doing rather well, and the Wii U will find it's place soon enough. Learn your topic before speaking on it.
gamefiles  +   973d ago
lol these articles
iGAM3R-VIII  +   973d ago
Agreed, smartphones/ mobile phone games can never and will never compete with console gaming
MariaHelFutura  +   973d ago
I agree w/ what you're saying. But, handhelds and consoles are two entirely different markets. The Wii U has a lot of things going against it right now, like no 3rd party support, new consoles on the horizon, no direct target audience and not many big 1st party titles out currently. They can change this but it'll take some major work and doing it quickly wouldn't hurt.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   973d ago
In five or six years there will be no distiction between a Nintendo handheld device and a Nintendo home console. Nintendo merging their two different departments in my opinion reflect this. Look at the Wii U. It looks like a handheld powered by a base unit. If I'm right you're gonna see a huge difference in the way people view such devices. If I'm wrong... so what?! Retro is working on the new Eternal Darkness? I was way off!
mcstorm  +   973d ago
What I find funny about all these doom and gloom articles is that Sony and Microsoft have still not released there next gen consoles and for all we know the sales of both there consoles could be less than the wiiu in the same time frame.
No one knows what will and wont be the best selling. Look at the 3ds and psv. Everyone on here was saying the psv will walk all over the 3ds but its not turned out that way.
People also said the 360 would be a flop and crushed by the ps3 when Microsoft announced it but it was a big success.
The PS3 was going to walk all over the Wii and 360 but it fell flat on its face in its 1st two years in the market then everyone was saying the PS3 will be a big flop and then sales started to pickup after its 1st two years on the market.
The technology world is very unpredictable and we will not know if the WiiU is a success until Nintendo show us there next home console and know what the WiiU sales are like compared to the ps4 and next xbox.
3-4-5  +   973d ago
Yea the are deciding not to release:

* 3D Mario game

* Mario Kart U

* Legend of Zelda U

* Super Smash Brothers

because non of those will sell more than 10k copies right ?
caseh  +   973d ago
I think its currently suffering with PS3-itis, released at a premium price with a limited amount of games that scream 'BUY ME'.

Should be ok once it sees a price drop and more game I would imagine.

What shocked me the most was walking into GAME a day or two ago and seeing about 90% of the games retailing at £49.99. GAME are pretty bad for pricing but even most new games on PS3 and Xbox don't retail at this price.
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RTheRebel  +   973d ago
Yep samething happend to PS3 no games that were hey BUY ME
Give it time and the great games will come
Nicely said on your behalf
wantonGamer  +   973d ago
Don't know that I fully agree. PS3 fought back with the help of not only promising looking new exclusive IP's but most importantly with the help of massive third party support.

The Wii U might get the former but right now it doesn't look like it'll get the latter. And you absolutely need both. And if you can't have both then atleast you should have the latter, as Xbox 360 has shown.

Also the Wii U lacks that X factor the Wii had that pulled in the casuals. The people are wise to Nintendos act and won't be so quick to fall for it again.
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scissor_runner  +   973d ago
Nintendo first party isn't as weak as Sony. Who bought a ps1 or two for Sony made games really? Yet everyone buys for Nintendo games. The only thing that held back nintendo was nintendo. Up until the wii all of their 3d game play was lacking. Now that they had great framerates on wii the fun came back.

It all came down to gameplay capable not graphical power. A great artist can make any power level awe inspiring.
Tei777  +   973d ago
SonyNGP  +   973d ago
No ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dfooster  +   973d ago
The wii was a novelty toy that defined the naughties pretty much like the Rubik's cube defined the 80's.

I can't believe Nintendo thought it would work again with the wii u by aiming once more at the casual market. The casual market are the most fickle type of people, they wait for something big to happen jump on a bandwagon and hop from latest thing to latest thing whatever gets spoon fed to them. The wii had its time it sold well but Nintendo have clearly backed the wrong crowd next gen. You could see this coming weeks after the original wii was launched but a lot of experts were too caught up in how much $ Nintendo were making to see what was going to happen.

History will teach Nintendo the hard way to never alienate the hardcore gamer. They need to compete with Sony and Microsoft if they are to survive whether they like it or not.
kenoh   973d ago | Spam
PS4isKing_82  +   973d ago
The only problem I see is that Nintendo tried to beat Sony and Microsoft to market, just like Microsoft did back in 05 against Sony. Except instead of faulty hardware, the games weren't ready to go yet, leaving a console on store shelves as it waits for some badly needed software. Plus of course the name of the console isn't helping either. But hopefully things will begin to correct themselves in the coming months as we get closer to e3 and beyond.
Wolven  +   973d ago
WOW! A Sony-fan named profile hoping for the best for Wii U! Yay!!!
ps3_pwns  +   973d ago
yeah i agree ps4isking_82. why did nintendo even rush out the gate instead of just launching the same time as everyone else when they had more game. They say they do what they want at there own pace and are not competing with sony and MS yet they go and do something dumb like this
Wolven  +   973d ago
You have the most conflicting profile, ps3_pwns with a pokemon profile pic.
deafdani  +   973d ago
Don't worry, I will balance things out.

*makes "Nintendo_Rulz" profile, uploads Kratos avatar*
Nilemonitors13  +   972d ago
I'm mainly a PlayStation user, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying some pokemon bro, I bought a 3ds just to play pokemon games, so ps3pwns is probably like me. Anyways, I think the wii u will do great, probably not wii great but still great. I'm planning to buy one soon(after Ps4), so everyone relax and support your system, play your part and it will do fine, in the meantime tell people about it, buy it for your girlfriend, get one for the family's living room, I've gotten 8 people to buy a vita, just do the same.
lilbroRx  +   973d ago
Nintendo didn't rush. Nintendo has stated and shown numerous times that they do not care what Sony/Microsoft does or when they do it. People keep insisting on throwing Nintendo into their console war when Nintendo is not trying fight them, they are doing their own thing as they always have.

They release their console according to their time schedule and no one else's. They release their consoles with the specs and features they think will bring the best games at the lowest price for the time, not what they think their competitors might have.

They don't try to compete with time and they don't try to compete with specs. They compete with features, capability and accessibility.
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GribbleGrunger  +   973d ago
I think this is a pretty smart move and no indication at all that Nintendo are giving up on the Wiiu. Sony have already stated that they will bring PS branded games to other devices through Gaikai so I don't see why this approach for Miiverse is any different. It's quite saddening that something potentially game changing had to be squeezed through the narrow eye of a biased journalist.

Unless it's an April fools joke?
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RFornillos4  +   973d ago
yeah, like they gave up on the 3DS.

it's been only 5 months. jeez, y'think a company would be doing R&D on a prototype, and shell out millions for manufacturing, just so they can give up on this? and please, don't compare this with the Virtual Boy, coz that was obviously something that was a mistake on Nintendo (marketing as "portable" when it was a bit big; 3D in the color RED, too expensive, etc.)
gamer42  +   973d ago
you can't forget that the VB actually ended up hurting some people...
RFornillos4  +   973d ago
exactly... and since then, Nintendo has been more cautious about their subsequent products.

and clearly the case of the VB was very much different than what's happening now. coz like it or not, there's still tons of untapped potential for what the Wii U and the gamepad can do.
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deafdani  +   973d ago
Yup. For starters, the Virtual Boy didn't even manage to sell one million in its only year of life. Wii U, so far, has sold between 3 and 4 million on 4 months.
KarateExplosion  +   973d ago
Or people might have learned their lesson. I bought a WII and besides Monster Hunter it collected dust. I am not saying its a bad console. However I did learn it is just not for me.
Baka-akaB  +   973d ago
Dear god the sheer idiocy of those titles , i shudder already at the thought of more of the same and worse for the ps4 and 720
RustedMan  +   973d ago
fool me once...
R00bot  +   973d ago
No. They are working on games. (and hopefully better advertising :P)
Jek_Porkins  +   973d ago
I'm pretty sure they have all of their studios hard at work on games for the consoles. The Wii U came out five months ago and is still on pace for what the PS3/360 did this generation, which isn't bad at all.

I highly doubt too many people thought the Wii U would be lightning in a bottle twice, the higher price point and lack of software have hampered the console, but it is a nice system and I am enjoying it, just want more games.
Bhuahahaha  +   973d ago
another thing that keep me away at nintendo consoles are those irritating region lock
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cyberninja  +   973d ago
Another stupid article, sigh...
browngamer41  +   973d ago
IKR..and apparently three assholes think you're wrong, really!? So these people don't believe that there is enough Nintendo hate articles on here..what are they blind or just fucking stupid..
cyberninja  +   973d ago
I'd say both, blind and stupid.
Realplaya  +   973d ago
These articles kill me. They just sold more consoles in europe with a big game release. They have at least 2 games planned on or around E3. It's safe to say they'll be alright. Oh yeah pokemon rumble will sell nicely in japan so sales should pick up there as well.
abzdine  +   973d ago
next time they need to go for power and not too much into new ways to play. they should keep making great Nintendo games and still get all multi games like other consoles.
josephayal  +   973d ago
Nintendo Abandoned You and me
I was at Target the other day and i looked over at the Wii-U section with it's shelf of games. It's heartbreaking it really is.
LOL_WUT  +   973d ago
Is Nintendo Giving Up on Wii U?
It sure seems like it ;)
PopRocks359  +   973d ago
-Wind Waker Remake
-New Zelda
-New Mario platformer
-New Mario Kart
-Retro Studios title
-Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei
-More partnerships for games like Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101
-Consistent OS and Miiverse updates.

How does this even remotely suggest to you that they're giving up on the console?
AJBACK2FRAG  +   973d ago
Sorry. Incorrect. Nintendo starts development of next generation hardware the day the current generation hardware ships. Meaning Nintendo has developed the Wii U for six years. It would be impossible for Nintendo to release another home console for at least five years. The Wii U is a tremedous achievement by Nintendo. In my mind it's their best console yet (Believe me I know I own them all!). In June the Nintendo fans are getting Christmas early. Mario Kart U. Mario Kart Wii sold over sixty million copies. That's right boys and girls six times what the PS3's best selling game sold (Gran Tourismo 5). How many pieces of hardware did that one title move? A million? Five Million? I don't know but believe me can any gamers here say that they are sitting out Mario Kart U? I know I'm not. That's one title! Super Smash Bros. U. Can you pass on that? SSB in h efing d can you say,"That doesn't interest me.". I can't. These two games alone are going to sell millions of copies and move millions of pieces of hardware. If you disagree stand up and tell me how this isn't true. Nay sayers, doomers and gloomers, Mikey P and all trolling Sony fanboys, see you in June. That's when Nintendo will remind us all how they became number one twice!
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AKR  +   973d ago
And yet another pathetic doom-and-gloom article.

Honestly, do these things have no end? Why do they even keep getting approved? I mean, seriously.

I have yet to see PS4 be graced with such a torrent of bad articles, and if it were, I could only imagine how much Sony fanboys would crawl out the woodwork, and would be virtually ready to assassinate ANYONE who speaks badly of their all-powerful baby. (That was a joke people)

Anyway - The Wii U is a fledgling console. It's only just recently turned 4 months. Yes - It's only been FOUR MONTHS. Not YEARS - months. That's less than HALF-A-YEAR, it's been on the market. ALL new consoles have the "infancy" drought. PS3 and 360 didn't have the tsunami of quality games from since they first released. It took about two years for each of those consoles to find their voice. But they did, right? Of course.

The Wii U will pull through. Name one console that has launched on a golden road - meaning that ever from since it first hit market ~ it was doing as good as the consoles of the generations before it. Oh, yeah, right - cuz' that hasn't happened. Nintendo still hasn't even revealed what RETRO STUDIOS is working on. Whether it be one super-massive project, or numerous smaller - but still big - projects. We still haven't seen their new 3D Mario or Mario Kart. Haven't laid eyes on the new Smash Bros. or HD Zelda.

Just wait....
Felonycarclub8  +   973d ago
Lmfao I can't wait till they drop the price to get one I have been wanting to get back to playing nintendo but they disappointed me with the wii even tho they did have some good games but ill be able to play those in the wii u. Wether you hate or like the wii u it is going to be around for a long time.
MilkMan  +   973d ago
This article stinks to high heaven. I thought I was going to read an informative insiders article, then I realized its N4G. :(
MariaHelFutura  +   973d ago
Why do people blame N4G? It's a portal for other websites. What's even more strange is no one thanks N4G for the articles that do provide usefull early information.... some serious double standards, if you ask me.
MilkMan  +   973d ago
I'll agree with you there.
DivineAssault  +   973d ago
Their 1st party games are coming soon enough.. Along with a price drop, they will pull through.. I think they shouldve mad some different decisions with designing the thing but i know they havent GIVEN UP on it & they wont be anytime soon.. Its too new of a system & the good exclusives havent even got here yet... They did launch prematurely imo but thats about it
Theyellowflash30  +   973d ago
These authors are really looking for cheap hits.....
lovegames718  +   973d ago
No its just that the cat is out of the bag!!!! Fool me once, maybe twice but def. not three times lol

And ppl always blaming n4g for these types of articles is insane. You hear the same type of stuff on neogaf and elsewhere. ?Its the hot topic right now just how the vita was before than and the ps3 before that.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   973d ago
Yes, Nintendo is getting out of Video Games
and going back to Playing Cards- hey it made them tons of money in the 1800's why not now?
- Oops , I forgot about Pokemon Cards, Never mind. >.> *Sarcasm*

On Topic:

The reason so many of these articles exist and have existed since N64 is because some people in the World Market (& US Stock Market) stand to make good (beaucoup) money if they can turn Nintendo into a 3rd Party.

The tell-tale signs are that they praise Nintendo for their games but then bash the systems that inspire the games.

The Lunacy is that,
Some of the games that Nintendo created on Wii, would not even be possible on other systems.
-They would lose something in translation.

Yes, Kinect and Six-Axis-
They came after the Wii suffered for motion controls.
NYC_Gamer  +   973d ago
Nintendo isn't giving up they just have a very hard road ahead
Rixynator  +   973d ago
cmon where's the release in South East Asia countries? why do we always have to wait when china is so near to us and yet EU, AU and US gets it before we do?
kenoh   973d ago | Spam
izumo_lee  +   973d ago
I am a proud Vita now you know how some of us felt when we had to suffer through all these 'doom & gloom' articles that just seem to be mostly 'hit inducing' garbage.

My advice for all the Wii U owners is to stick with it just like we Vita owners have done. It may seem like a dark abyss with all this constant BS articles bring the system you bought down but it can only get better. This is Nintendo we are talking about, they have been doing this for almost 40 years.

I do believe that Nintendo did underestimate the pull of 3rd party developers & that you need their support to be successful in this day & age. We all know that Nintendo made games will sell but these can only get you so far into a consoles life.

If Nintendo is desperate enough they should scrap the Wii U & design a system more catered to the next gen to compete with the PS4 & Xbox720 for 3rd party support. Re-design the system from scratch if they have to.
PopRocks359  +   973d ago
Kudos to you for sticking with your Vita. For what it's worth, the doom and gloom that platform received was just as premature and ridiculous as what the Wii U is currently receiving, if not more so.

I think it's more of an issue of Nintendo trying to get the next big thing out as soon as possible after the Wii stopped its rather speedy sales. They did not take into account that a console's library (and the unique games in it) are needed to sell a console. I imagine Mario/Zelda/etc. will bring in some core gamers while Wii Fit U could reel in some more consumers interested in that type of game.

I don't think Nintendo needs to scrap the Wii U, necessarily. But they need to market it better and entice some third party developers to make games for the platform. If they bring out another platform now, they will cannibalize their own market.
Nilemonitors13  +   972d ago
Izumo, I was there. Believe me when I say these huge companies wont let these consoles die, they might start slow, but with the right push they'll reach success. Vita por vida. Soul sacrifice can't come soon enough.
mshope10  +   973d ago
its a companion app for the you can message your friends when they are away from wiiu and ask them to play and see what people are talking about.

its only a good thing.
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