Is Nintendo Giving Up on Wii U?

After the massive success of the original Wii, Nintendo was expected to develop a popular successor. Thus far, the company has failed. Despite the sales declines, Nintendo execs had vehemently fought against the prospect of developing software for smartphones. PC downloads were also off the table.

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discordman1845d ago

It's been five months. The console and gaming dedicated platforms are not involved in any race with the iPhone. The 3DS pulled itself out of the bottom and is doing rather well, and the Wii U will find it's place soon enough. Learn your topic before speaking on it.

iGAM3R-VIII1845d ago

Agreed, smartphones/ mobile phone games can never and will never compete with console gaming

MariaHelFutura1845d ago

I agree w/ what you're saying. But, handhelds and consoles are two entirely different markets. The Wii U has a lot of things going against it right now, like no 3rd party support, new consoles on the horizon, no direct target audience and not many big 1st party titles out currently. They can change this but it'll take some major work and doing it quickly wouldn't hurt.

AJBACK2FRAG1844d ago

In five or six years there will be no distiction between a Nintendo handheld device and a Nintendo home console. Nintendo merging their two different departments in my opinion reflect this. Look at the Wii U. It looks like a handheld powered by a base unit. If I'm right you're gonna see a huge difference in the way people view such devices. If I'm wrong... so what?! Retro is working on the new Eternal Darkness? I was way off!

mcstorm1845d ago

What I find funny about all these doom and gloom articles is that Sony and Microsoft have still not released there next gen consoles and for all we know the sales of both there consoles could be less than the wiiu in the same time frame.
No one knows what will and wont be the best selling. Look at the 3ds and psv. Everyone on here was saying the psv will walk all over the 3ds but its not turned out that way.
People also said the 360 would be a flop and crushed by the ps3 when Microsoft announced it but it was a big success.
The PS3 was going to walk all over the Wii and 360 but it fell flat on its face in its 1st two years in the market then everyone was saying the PS3 will be a big flop and then sales started to pickup after its 1st two years on the market.
The technology world is very unpredictable and we will not know if the WiiU is a success until Nintendo show us there next home console and know what the WiiU sales are like compared to the ps4 and next xbox.

3-4-51845d ago

Yea the are deciding not to release:

* 3D Mario game

* Mario Kart U

* Legend of Zelda U

* Super Smash Brothers

because non of those will sell more than 10k copies right ?

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caseh1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I think its currently suffering with PS3-itis, released at a premium price with a limited amount of games that scream 'BUY ME'.

Should be ok once it sees a price drop and more game I would imagine.

What shocked me the most was walking into GAME a day or two ago and seeing about 90% of the games retailing at £49.99. GAME are pretty bad for pricing but even most new games on PS3 and Xbox don't retail at this price.

RTheRebel1845d ago

Yep samething happend to PS3 no games that were hey BUY ME
Give it time and the great games will come
Nicely said on your behalf

wantonGamer1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Don't know that I fully agree. PS3 fought back with the help of not only promising looking new exclusive IP's but most importantly with the help of massive third party support.

The Wii U might get the former but right now it doesn't look like it'll get the latter. And you absolutely need both. And if you can't have both then atleast you should have the latter, as Xbox 360 has shown.

Also the Wii U lacks that X factor the Wii had that pulled in the casuals. The people are wise to Nintendos act and won't be so quick to fall for it again.

N4g_null1845d ago

Nintendo first party isn't as weak as Sony. Who bought a ps1 or two for Sony made games really? Yet everyone buys for Nintendo games. The only thing that held back nintendo was nintendo. Up until the wii all of their 3d game play was lacking. Now that they had great framerates on wii the fun came back.

It all came down to gameplay capable not graphical power. A great artist can make any power level awe inspiring.

Tei7771845d ago


Dfooster1845d ago

The wii was a novelty toy that defined the naughties pretty much like the Rubik's cube defined the 80's.

I can't believe Nintendo thought it would work again with the wii u by aiming once more at the casual market. The casual market are the most fickle type of people, they wait for something big to happen jump on a bandwagon and hop from latest thing to latest thing whatever gets spoon fed to them. The wii had its time it sold well but Nintendo have clearly backed the wrong crowd next gen. You could see this coming weeks after the original wii was launched but a lot of experts were too caught up in how much $ Nintendo were making to see what was going to happen.

History will teach Nintendo the hard way to never alienate the hardcore gamer. They need to compete with Sony and Microsoft if they are to survive whether they like it or not.

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PS4isKing_821845d ago

The only problem I see is that Nintendo tried to beat Sony and Microsoft to market, just like Microsoft did back in 05 against Sony. Except instead of faulty hardware, the games weren't ready to go yet, leaving a console on store shelves as it waits for some badly needed software. Plus of course the name of the console isn't helping either. But hopefully things will begin to correct themselves in the coming months as we get closer to e3 and beyond.

Wolven1845d ago

WOW! A Sony-fan named profile hoping for the best for Wii U! Yay!!!

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