What Microsoft Got Right With The Xbox 360

From Aeropause's Bill Tangeman:

"While the reliability of the Xbox 360 hardware is sub par, Microsoft should be applauded for the general stability of their online service when compared to the PS3 and the Wii. Upon reading the previous statement, Sony and Nintendo fanboys will instinctively reach for their, "yeah but at least the PS3/Wii online experience is free" argument. True enough, but in my experience with all three consoles, I've gotten what I've paid for."

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Massacre3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

No questions there, Microsoft's online service is among one of the best and there isn't that many. They deserve applause for that.

Nothing lasts forever though. PEACE.

sonarus3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

before this guy thats spreading blasphemy. How many users on here have that problem with the playstation network. I know i have had it a couple of times but there was a period around the time madden 08 came out that i kept getting dumped off xbox live and psn. That is the only time i have ever gotten this problem. In fact it happened less on the psn than the X360 as soon as i turned off media sharing on the ps3. However after a couple of weeks it stopped doing that so i shrugged it off as something wrong with MY connection

Jeanne3722d ago

"Microsoft's online service is among one of the best"

You have to be joking...right?

50 dollars a year just for the privilege to play games online? You end up wasting 200-300 dollars on top of the price of the console just to be allowed by Microsoft to play online games over the life of the console.

Ok, so Microsoft reams you on online charges. At least that money goes to supporting the online infrastructure...right?

Nope. Crappy P2P networking for all major games with Microsoft's pay to play online service. Each and every player is at the mercy of the personal upload speeds and reliability of whoever is hosting your game.

Ok, at least you have high quality game experience as long as you pay every year and are lucky to get into online games with other players who have stable and fast enough net connections...right?

Nope. Gears of War could only handle 8 players max per game. Halo 3 could only handle 16 players max per game. All that money and no dedicated servers for the major 360 online games.

Ok, even if the actual online experience is poor at least there are added benefits you are getting out of paying all that money over the years...right?

Nope. Major online games like Unreal Tournament can't implement mods on the 360 due to the poorly designed online system while PCs and PS3s can easily do so with their free for everyone online systems.

Ok, so given all of that there has to be something all those online fees are going to...right?

Yes, there is an amazing online world that every person will be able to jump into for free and and link up with other players to jump in and out of online games. Clan rooms for gamers to meet up in before and after matches. War rooms to plot strategy before games. Minigames to play with while you wait around for your friends to get online.

Oh wait, that's on the PS3's free online service that has 40-60 player counts with lagfree online gaming with dedicated servers.

Well, at least Microsoft's 50 dollar a year for lag online service has in game messaging. Although Sony is adding that soon to their service...

sonarus3722d ago

@Jeane i agree with some stuff you said but most is crap. Gears did 8 online because thats how it was designed. You won't see anyone who played gears online complain about too few ppl. However the p2p thing is BS and i am not sure but multiplatform games use p2p on both ps3 and 360 so they tend to lag more. IMO xbox live is overrated but then again it offers a lot more than psn and nintendo. Nintendo is just getting its feet wet in the online arena and majority of wii owners could care less for online. Xbox live boils down to features and if you are happy paying that subscription.

permutated3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )


You're in the wrong zone again.

Back on topic, I'm generally a really complaining person, but I see no problem with paying 4 measly dollars a month to play with my friends.

Sure you other guys get it for free, but we don't care, it's 4 bucks.

C_SoL3722d ago

but the PS3 suites my needs, that's all.

sonarus3722d ago

yea 50 bucks a yr isn't bad but think of the opportunity cost. Think of what else you could have done with that money. (I am sure you would have rather bought a game than pay for that online). Some say you get what you pay for and i am glad that psn is free(i knw i wouldn't pay for it in its current state) and with future updates, it should satisfy all my online and offline gaming needs (particularly in game messaging and perhaps in game voice chat) being able to shut off any mic in a game would be a big plus. stuff like that. it might take a while but essentially you get what you pay for and i didn't pay nothing so i guess a little wait time is the opportunity cost. I honestly would not have a problem with live if it was a 1 time fee. I just hate subscription. If they made me pay 100 dollars 1 time fee i probably would

Jon Cage3722d ago

I have no problems paying for what averages out to $4 a month. Hell I spend a lot more money on a Red Bull or Starbucks when I want a jolt in the morning. So $4 a month really isn't that much in my world. However I can see that being a problem for people that live in a different stingy world. I really like the XBL experience. Now I wouldn't mind if it was free, but then again I don't really mind paying a small amount for such a great service. BTW $50 / 12 months + 1 month = that $4 average.

princejb1343722d ago

since when is xbl $4 a month, its actually $7.99 a month

montavious3722d ago

$50 a year / 12 months = $4.17

Bloodwar3721d ago

One: Achievements. I like that I get awarded in a game 100 points for 1000 headshots or for crashing 1000 cars in under 24 hours. You don't have something so cool as an achievement system that is as well thought out as what can be found on the Xbox 360. The PS3 is a good game system. Its just not great. Part of the experience now days is the online experience. The original Xbox is the system that truely made strides in working towards what online gaming should be. Xbox 360 made it happen.

Two: Huxley. 120 people logging into what must be a dedicated server-- to shoot the hell outta each other on what could be the ultimate MMOFPS to date! =) At least I'm hoping. Resistance for the PS3-40 players, Frontlines:Fuel of War for the Xbox 360-50 players, Resistance for the PS3-60 players, Huxley for the Xbox 360-120 players. I'm beginning to see a trend here. It looks like no matter which system you go with, you are going to get some pretty damn fun games.

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decapitator3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Agree. Microsoft's online service is one hell of network. But Sony have also passed the amateur stages and are doing a great job with their online service.

EDIT: Also is not like if you disconnect from the internet, you cannot reconnect back on there. However, there is no guarantee if your console craps on you.

Jon Cage3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

PSN can only get better. And they have a working model to follow. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And as the PSN gets better XBL might even learn from them. I am very interested to see how HOME works out once it gets up and running.

Mr_Kuwabara3722d ago

The disconnected from PSN error usually happens to me when I'm connected to the internet but I leave my PS3 AWOL at the XMB. But when I play games online, use the internet or connect to the PSN I never get such an error.

So what's his point?

Marceles3722d ago

Yeah..sometimes when I left my PS3 idle it went out, but turning off the Media Server Connection setting keeps me logged in.

sonarus3722d ago

No one is denying live superiority but on the surface (without all the great live features) psn and live are about the same. You still go online and get connected and experience about the same amount of lag. PS3 exclusives i have noticed don't tend to have as much lag as the multiplatform titles

Marceles3722d ago be fair, every system has had its share of online mishaps...I know I've had alot with Gears of War, but yes, Xbox Live has the best online community now. I've had less lag on the PS3 to be honest, but any lag I've experienced on Live wasn't always constant (except on SKATE, but that was an EA thing), but Live really has the messaging, voice chats, and invites going for it which is important. You can invite anyone on your friend's list at anytime, whether they own the game you have or not. Anyways, I don't know about the Wii...I really didnt buy it for its online to be honest, but we'll see what the future is for PS3 and its Home community and accessing the XMB in-game.

rofldings3722d ago

This guy's blaming the entire PSN network for his own network problems. If his wifi connection keeps dropping, it's not Sony's fault. He may get signed out every 2 minutes, but that doesn't mean everyone does.