CheatCC Hands-On Preview: Echochrome - It's All in What You See…

CheatCC writes: " Echochrome is one of those titles that you'll either love or hate. It is a puzzle-style game where your goal is to lead a little sketch model through some insane looking puzzles by using perspective. The most interesting thing about this title is probably the fact that it doesn't require any real action on your part; all you have to do is control the camera. But if that sounds simple to you, trust me it's not. This game is most definitely a challenging puzzle game, make no mistake. But after spending some hands-on time with the Japanese version, it is pretty clear that the fun in this title comes from experimenting with the different perspectives and figuring out how to get everything just right. "

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skynidas3506d ago

The demo from the Japanese PlayStation Store was really good and difficult