Fans Petition for Star Wars Battlefront 3 on Facebook

PlayStation Euphoria: In a group called “Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III”, fans have taken to Facebook to gain 34,433 likes in total at this point of writing. Founded January 11th 2012, this group has not seen the figures they have wanted with a goal of 7.5 million likes. To confront that, they are beginning a new campaign to reach out towards media outlets and the public.

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jon12341693d ago

why the hell would anyone want a watered down facebook game...

WeAreLegion1693d ago

I don't think people are getting your joke... :/

LordHiggens1693d ago

Grammar is fun isn't it? XD

Root1693d ago

Oh my god his facebook page actually took off.....well damn and here was me laughing about him doing this

PopRocks3591693d ago

Well those games were pretty damn popular if memory serves me right. I'm pretty happy this took off. I was a big fan of this series, especially the second entry.

Root1693d ago

Yeah but with so many other pages like this.....did not see it coming

G4Gamer1689d ago

Aye, but it has been hard. So far we're nearly at 36,800 Supporters. But the Campaign needs "Gaming Media Backing" Gaming Sites/Channels like n4g talking about it. Getting it known and spreading it.

Good to hear that you Root that you are glad it has taken off. Looks like it starting to pay off, slowly but surely. :)

BattleAxe1693d ago

Whats it going to take for LucasArts to make this game. Seems like a no-brainer to me. This game would be money in the bank.

imtheman20131693d ago

I spent many hours on Battlefront 2. Such a great game! If this actually rallies the developers to produce a third, I'd be pretty pumped for it :D

DragonKnight1693d ago

Good lord it must be one of the slowest news days if this stuff is considered news.

imtheman20131693d ago

A Battlefront 3 game would be awesome though!

And, if you love games, shouldn't anything (excluding trolling/fanboy rabble) concerning video games be at least a little exciting?

Also, it's Sunday... on Easter XD

DragonKnight1693d ago

That's not what I meant. I'm talking about a facebook petition.

chrispseuphoria1693d ago

It's not for news, it's informing the community that there is a petition for this game.

DragonKnight1693d ago

Do you know what news is?

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